Nintendo's Latest Wii U Commercial Goes For The Casual Crowd - And Fails

Nintendo's latest Wii U commercial fails at making it clear that the Wii U is an all-new console, rather than another peripheral for the Wii or an "upgrade".

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KrisButtar1705d ago

The dad is a idiot, everyone else was fine. I don't think it was aimed at the casual though.

Did anyone else think that when they showed the chart, it was showing WiiU sales?

DarthZoolu1705d ago

Do they really think there is any other answer than making some good games? I would love to see a Real Survival horror Resident Evil on Wii U. RE4 Wii was the best Wii game IMO. I would love to see something like that. Gamepad is in the way. They should have stuck with Wii controllers and put the money from the gamepad into more power or left it out and dropped the price. I want fanboys to know as much as I rip Nintendo I still think they could destroy MS and Sony if they would just do it already. They need to bring their titles and ideas to meet or surpass industry standard. Zelda could kill Elderscolls if they would just commit to competing with the rest of the industry. I want Metroid to be multiple worlds with space combat, cities, factions, and co-op. (quivering at that last idea)

Blastoise1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Replace those kids with Reggie, sorted :)

Cringe-worthy advert now becomes a good showcase for the Wii U!

-Foxtrot1705d ago

"Guess I just got upgraded"



Klonoa-dreamtraveler1705d ago

this commercial annoys me everytime it comes on its so corny

Misaka_x_Touma1705d ago

so it fails to someone who is not a casual wow just wow

-Foxtrot1705d ago

Jeez I hate child actors these days...

Anyway it sounded to me that they are trying to say it's just an upgrade, you'll get parents thinking "Why would I upgrade when my Wii is working fine".

Fanboyssuck271705d ago

Blah blah blah, all u do is hate on everything Nintendo. U need to get laid, seriously dude.

-Foxtrot1705d ago

lol...whatever you say man

People on the internet who come off as angry and aggressive by calling people with insults that dwell into their sex lifes usually end up being the ones who don't have a very good one themselves. Trust me my sex life is amazing...could not be happier with it :)

Besides ever since you've joined the majority of your posts have been defending Nintendo and getting p***** off whenever someone says one tiny little thing about them. Seriously that's when you need to get yourself outside and breathe in some fresh air for once.

Fanboyssuck271705d ago

@ foxtrot, ur not fooling anyone, I was just statin a fact, if ur butt hurt over that aint my problem. Lol

How delusional are u, u come across as angry and agressive over a company, how sad is it that u stalk every single Nintendo article. U spend so much of your time stalking and obsessing over Nintendo I doubt u have time for anythin else let alone a woman. Lol

Ur insecurities amuse me, what has Nintendo ever did to u? U act like u was in a personal relationship with Nintendo and they cheated on u and ur just bitter.
If u don't like Nintendo then move on instead of boring everyone with your repetitive hate towards Nintendo. d;o)

live2play1705d ago

Just call him lol_wut
He made two accounts so he is twice the troll now

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