New trailer for MGSV coming this Thursday

IT’S HAPPENING!!! The release of a new trailer for MGSV:GZ was announced by Geoff Keighley for Thursday on Spike TV and on the web! He States more information will be revealed during the broadcast PS4 All Access with Hideo Kojima in New York. The show will air at 11PM EST!

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Snookies121559d ago

So, was this the big thing lined up for the PS4 event?

ZodTheRipper1559d ago

I'd say it's one of a couple of big things. This will definately not be the biggest announcement.

Snookies121559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Still very excited. I mean, I bought my PS3 early on for the MGS4 collector's edition. I cannot wait for MGSV. I love that series so much...

abzdine1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

exclusive announcement?
exclusive content?

Wait.... MGO 2 for PS4?


showtimefolks1559d ago

What can we expect this hrusday new games reveal wise?

abzdine1558d ago

take a look at this

it states:

"Tune in to see exclusive world premieres and announcements about the PS4 games that will define 2014 and beyond."

meaning that some very new big stuff will be announced there.

Naughty Dog
Media Molecule
Santa Monica

Aoi1559d ago

One of the "big things" I imagine.

FlameHawk1558d ago

That's just stupid, I'm really disappointed that Keith is playing Snake, I really wanted to give him a try but after seeing him as Snake, all I see is Keith Sutherland and not Snake but I'm still going to buy the game, that is just stupid if that is your reason not to buy the game.

izumo_lee1558d ago

Hey maybe that exclusive PS4 content is the ability to change Keifer's voice to David's voice in the menu.

Looking forward in seeing what Kojima will show & what seriously the PS4 content will be.

DeadManMcCarthy1559d ago

GZ trailer.

Eh, we've already seen most of GZ anyway. I just want another PP trailer.

yakuzakazuya1559d ago

I want to see MGSV actually running on a retail PS4. And hope it is 1080p 60fps. Make it happen Kojima-san.

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