MWEB GameZone Review : Battlefield 4 - Multiplayer Mayhem

MWEB GameZone's Holden ZA takes a look at Battlefield 4, where DICE's latest shooter has been making several steps to elevate its overall first-person-shooter experience.

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HanCilliers1771d ago

As I expected, Battlefield rocks in MP & fails in SP

Sillicur1771d ago

They should just stop making the SP all together TBH, Battlefield has and always will be about the MP

DesVader1771d ago

I disagree as well. If anything, its provides the player an opportunity to get into the game with getting dumped straight into a multiplayer slaughter fest. Also, this year, I think BF did some cool stuff in the Single Player - I think hiding weapons that can be used in the multiplayer side was a stroke of genius :)

GabeSA1771d ago

I don't agree, the single player campaign was one of the better SP's I have played in a while. It was engaging in most parts, and I thoroughly enjoyed the missions where you can challenge scores versus your friends.