Sony CEO says company working on selling PlayStations in China

Speaking at a Sony conference in Shanghai yesterday, CEO Kazuo Hirai said that Sony is working on bringing its game console business to China.

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Langkasuka1743d ago

That opens to almost 1 billion people. And gray markets with modified consoles playing pirated games and PC-dominant gamers used on local MMOs selling "free-mium" games.

Unless Sony has several really good deals, I'm curious of how much of Internet medias and entertainment apps can actually be included in a for-sale-in-China PS4 .

LordDhampire1743d ago

I bet it will be hard to get a foothold on china

Probably have their own garbage knockoff consoles

TomShoe1743d ago

It will probably be hard to sell majorly to China.

The large majority are PC gamers since the console ban provided no other alternative save importing.

Blackdeath_6631743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

SOE has some presence in china already planetside was present at a Chinese convention back when it was being launched they won't dominate china with their console (only because its so goddamn large) but they will certainly be able to sell enough to make it a significant and large market. they would be able to sell about as much as they would a regular European country initially

Grave1743d ago

Whoever gets into that target market successfully will be very profitable.

PoSTedUP1743d ago

ps4 500m consoles sold-- confirmed.

Idba1743d ago

If they manage to get more mmos they could be sitting on a potential goldmine

shivvy241743d ago

Didn't Microsoft try doing this too ?

True_Samurai1743d ago

They've already been in talks

Langkasuka1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

They're working on a gaming and entertainment streaming device based on Xbox-based tech. But it's not sure if this will be under Xbox or directly under Microsoft, but I think it's the former.
To sell a whole X1, full of questionable international media and a camera with old stories about NSA conspiracies, I guess that's still a gray market discount :D

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The story is too old to be commented.