HP Pavilion 15-B129WM specs ideal for gaming

Product-Reviews writes: The good news is that it should be able to handle most PC games thrown at it, but only on medium or low settings. These include the likes of Skyrim and GTA IV – two games which are known to be very demanding when it comes to resources, especially when throwing mods onto those games.

Just don’t expect to be able to play games such as Crysis 3 on high settings as you’ll probably run into some issues.

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zeal0us1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

That laptop looks ideal for low-end gaming if anything tbh.
You can get a decent laptop(Haswell core i7, 8gb of Ram, GTX 750M) from Lenovo for under $900 that will run most modern games in medium and some even in high.

Though if you're looking play most modern games in high and ultra, you will be spending over 1.2k+

tr00p3r1743d ago

What happens if this laptop is under $400 though? Still a pretty good deal.

zeal0us1742d ago

The chances of this laptop being under $400 is highly unlikely especially with HP name attach to it.

Lolrus1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I think getting a gaming laptop itself is a waste. Heavy, hot, terrible battery life and expensive. It really defeats the purpose of a portable pc. Btw I am saying this from experience owning one.

Its much better to get a slim notebook and build a gaming pc. Some slim notebooks retail for around £300 and a gaming rig can be build for £400. That £700 spent gets you two computers, one which will be more powerful than the £800 plus spent on a heavy thick slab of a laptop.

In addition, gaming laptops dont perform as great due to a lack of official driver updates and get obsolete very quick as there is no headroom for overclocking.

If you want good mid level gaming on a notebook the best bet nownisnto wait a couple months for the AMD Kaveri apus to roll out.

Irishguy951743d ago

I agree, i'd simply buy a gaming PC myself, however if I really wanted a laptop i'd buy a cheap one and put the extra money towards a proper gaming device be it a console or gaming PC

Somebody1742d ago

My gaming laptop is heavy, expensive and don't perform well compared to my desktop(which itself is made up of medium spec hardware from two years ago) but I'm loving it. It all depends on your needs and expectations and the laptop has ticked all the right points to overcome the age old perceptions toward gaming laptops. I already have a good desktop PC that I won't be replacing/upgrading for a couple of more years so I don't see anything wrong using that spare money to buy a laptop to keep on gaming on the road.

5 years ago(when there were crazy laptops with literary blazing hot dual high end graphic cards) I smirked at the idea of having a gaming laptop but after buying one with current hardware, I welcome it to a certain extent.

zeal0us1742d ago

Getting a gaming laptop is only a waste if you're not gaming on it majority of time. Also if most of your playing time is at home. If you do most of your game playing at home then you should just stick with a desktop.

However if you travel a lot and want a machine that can play games at a decent setting then a gaming laptop wouldn't be a waste. I brought myself a gaming laptop since I travel a lot throughout the year and liked it. Though I did have to buy a new AC adapter because the one provided was poorly designed and started been over time.

However I do have to disagree with you about the lack of official driver updates. Nvidia tend to send out driver updates for their mobile gpus pretty frequently. AMD I'm not sure about.