Sony Publish PS4 User Guide Online

Sony have released the PS4 user guide online ahead of it’s American PS4 launch. It runs through all the basics and settings as well as the new Party function.

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Narutone661774d ago

I hope they fix the inability to play Blu-ray 3D with the first day patch.

DarkBlood1774d ago

so its just the 3d copies that wont work?

colonel1791774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I wanted to comment on that. You beat me to it.

It is very weird that Blu Ray 3D is not supported. Sony decreased the support of 3D, but never thought they would actually remove support of Blu Ray too.

Another thing to notice. The light of the PS4 never turns blue! According to the manual, when the PS4 is on, it turns WHITE, in standby mode turns ORANGE, and when overheating turns RED. They don't mention if the light changes color when a disc is inserted, so there is a possibility the light turns blue then? Someone that already play the PS4 might be able to confirm?

360ICE1774d ago

I've seen it turn blue in videos. Hmm...

PS4isKing_821774d ago

It probably only turns blue when it powers on. Or when playing a game maybe?

colonel1791774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Found it!

"When the power turns on, the power indicator blinks in blue, and then lights up in white."

So it's like how the Wii was always advertised with the blue light, but in reality in only turned on when receiving messages and notifications.

With the PS4, it only blinks blue when the system is being turned on, and then it remains white as long as the system is on.

It should have been the other way around.

Kayant1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It is ;) -->

Edit - i guess not???


Yh i know we need an official statement on this someone tweet shu :p

colonel1791774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

So why in the manual says it doesn't? Confusing

EDIT: This might be the manual for the 1.00 software. There might be an update to reflect the changes of the FW 1.50

Edit 2: Nope, actually it says the guide is for FW 1.50. So we will have to wait to have it.

Narutone661774d ago

Good to hear that. I wonder why we need the patch in order for the PS4 to play it. Shouldn't it be able to play by default since Blu-ray is synonymous with Sony?

nevin11774d ago

Yea it seems the PS4 is missing a lot things PS3 and Vita has.

Video is currently limited to a paid service(lol)

No Photos section?

What else am I missing?

colonel1791774d ago

It doesn't bother me that much as long as they will actually put all those features soon. The moment they confirm a feature such as photos, BluRay 3D, DLNA, etc won't ever make it back, that's when I would start to worry.

The PS3 came a long way from the UI that was released at launch. They added many features.

The reason that a lot of features are missing, might be due to the fact that they wanted to have the basic stuff first so that they could release. Nobody would want to wait until next year to have a Photo section in the PS4. I prefer to be able to have the PS4 and play it, and then wait for the features to be added.

They will most likely be added by the time the PS4 launches in Japan.

sprinterboy1774d ago


Agree, buying ps4 for games, alittle disappointed some features didn't make launch but i guess the ps4 will be updated before spring. This time next yr we will have YouTube, Netflix(UK) and a host of other app's
We currently have on ps3 that we have become a customized too.

Tiqila1774d ago

they really focus on games. cant complain about that.

Kayant1774d ago

No tutorial on how the unlock hidden dGPU?!?! PRE-ORDER CANCELLED /s

Will read later for fun..... Love to see how the party system works with you being in two lobbies or more lobbies at the same time.


no 3d blu ray......that's bogus, what are they thinking?

colonel1791774d ago

Like I wrote in the comment above. Sony has stopped supporting 3D. I bought a 3D TV in December 2011 and I have only used it twice. I played Uncharted 3 in 3D and have watch ONE movie in 3D.

I know there are people who enjoy 3D, but I think that it is better in cinemas than in a TV. I think that Sony is pushing SimulView more than 3D nowadays.


Still think it's a bad move.3D movies are hitting the theater at an alarming rate these days and television's are still including it. I own about thirty 3d blu-rays and enjoy WATCHING THEM AT HOME. cd support and now this. Just another incentive to keep my ps3.

DarkBlood1774d ago

well why would you forgo your ps3 in the first place :P lol

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