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Submitted by ICC_06 821d ago | opinion piece

Call of Duty: Ghosts is best on Xbox One, just

MMGN: If you want to know which console is best for Call of Duty: Ghosts, we have to recommend the Xbox One, but only just. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4, Xbox One)

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Enemy  +   821d ago | Well said
And yet, this source says Xbox One is riddled with frame rate problems.
allformats  +   821d ago
Eh, not so fast, guys:

And so a little framerate drop on PS4 according to these guys makes Xbox One better, but the constant 1080p visuals have no effect?

Edit: I did a double-take, and it's the a site with the URL:

I see.

For further proof that PS4 is way superior, all one has to do is look at this:
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PoSTedUP  +   821d ago
almost 200 degrees in the pending section over an hour, ZERO approvals. lmao!
no but seriously 1080p>720p thoes slight frame issues will be fixed in a patch, preorders dont lie nothing will stop the ps4 from owning the sales and the better version in this (sorry excuse of a) COD game.
LackaJaKane  +   821d ago

the only link that benefits your argument about what is stated in this article is the first link because it stated the ps4's visuals are better along with no framerate issues

Both ign and mmgn both agree the ps4 version is visually better (which is minor) and is also the only version of the two that has frame rate issues. (which is also minor)

IGN--- "let me address the elephant in the room; resolution. Activision has confirmed that the ps4 version runs natively @1080p, whereas the xbox one up scales from 720p. But what does that mean in real world performance? looking at them side-by-side the difference is noticeable, but if you pick up one version and then come across the other, are you going to kick yourself? probably not."

"the ps4 version looks (can't spell word) more detailed than the xbox one. You'll notice sharper edges in weapons, environment and character models as a result of the higher resolution"

MMGN-- "Forget about the resolution debate. The difference between 720p upscaled to 1080p on Xbox One and native 1080p on PlayStation 4 is negligible during the single-player and not noticeable at all in multiplayer."

"There are some slightly smoother edges and the resolution is a little better during the nonsensical story, but there are things you won't notice unless you're actively looking for them and happen to play both versions almost side-by-side like I did"

IGN-- "But what about game play and performance? Frame rates are, as always locked at a smooth 60 frames per second with only an odd minor hiccup on the ps4"

MMGN-- "The PlayStation 4 version suffers from framerate issues during multiplayer that aren't present in the Xbox One build, which is running consistently at 60 frames per second."

"It's minor enough not to warrant switching to Xbox One if you're a multi-platform connoisseur already set on PlayStation 4, but it's much more noticeable than the resolution discrepancy which is a non-issue."
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Bruce_Wayne  +   821d ago
PS4 version is definitely superior. Frame rate issues can be fixed via patching, while 720p is permanent for the Xbone version.
starchild  +   821d ago
All this console fanboy bickering about resolution and framerate is getting really old. I thought you guys didn't care about that stuff.

All I have to say about this is, I always place a premium on framerate. If I can't get a solid 60fps I will always drop settings, including resolution, to get it.

Either way, for people that enjoy this series it's going to be a good game on both console.
ikkokucrisis  +   821d ago
What's great about the PS4 is that you'll have the option of playing the game at 720p as well. I'm sure it'll do 60fps at that resolution. As for me, I'm gonna give it a go at native 1080p first ;)
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Game-ur  +   821d ago
IW are already working on a patch

Some reports say fram drops on the X1, some others say on the PS4, this could mean it is not a consistent issue
ChronoJoe  +   821d ago
@allformats: The sites url is but xbox is just a subdomain. It's just bad domain management rather than anything else. They also have sections for PS4, and so forth.

Note, I'm not defending the article in any way. I'd rather have the PS4 version, but ultimately it's like picking one turd over another. Ghosts really doesn't hold up well as a next gen game.
Bennibop  +   821d ago
The PC version, PS4 and Xone versions all have framerate issues! I have never know a COD release without issues on any platform, but the same will happen as always the issues will be patched out.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   821d ago

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Ezz2013  +   821d ago
IW are already working a framerate patch for ps4
that only give ps4 the edge even more
it got the best gfx at 1080p native on consoles and the framerate will be fixed

while xbox version is having framerate problems too but at lower gfx and much lower res
even pc is having framerate problems too
mightyhokie  +   821d ago
'proof that the PS4 is way superior'? haven't played it. You don't own it. You haven't played the X1 to compare. You don't know what you are talking about. You are just a fan of Sony and buying into their hype. No doubt you are pointing out the same thing to people pushing the X1 claiming that its better than the PS4. You don't know what you are talking about. Quite literally. And that isn't my opinion, thats fact.
Boody-Bandit  +   821d ago
You have some sources saying one thing and others the opposite. So it all comes down to who you believe or if any of it matters.

If you were planning on picking up a PS4 and GHOST would it change your mind if there were a few hiccups? Vice versa if you were going for the XBOX ONE with GHOST.

I'm picking up a PS4 and it has nothing to do with GHOST and everything to do with that is where I feel I will have the overall better gaming experience for this upcoming generation. Although I did pick up GHOST along with 5 other titles at Target using the 3 for 2 deal. They only had 6 games to choose from so I bought them all. What can I say? I'm pumped!

There isn't a single game out there or an opinion or even fact that would sway my decision of which direction I want to go and I doubt there is for any of you.

You really shouldn't give articles like this much weight as of now. The truth will be known, if you even care to know, after these games are released and the tech sites put them through their paces. But does that even matter? It sure as hell doesn't to me. A lot of these tech sites have been proven at times to be slanted, skewed and have made mistakes.

Man the new generation of gaming is upon us and I say, "Let's play some damn games!"

Leave every thing else to those that want to bicker over it. You can't win an argument of opinion and who cares about sales and reviews as long as they make enough money to keep this industry moving forward. I don't have stock in any of these companies and I play what I like regardless of what some site has to say about it.

1 MORE DAY! (please fly by)
Open my eyes tomorrow morning and come home with my new precious tomorrow night.
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H0RSE  +   820d ago
Basically, the vibe I get from PS4 fans, is that poor performance issues cant trump higher resolution... That's like saying, "yeah she kinda has a crappy personality, but man she's hot..."
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Boody-Bandit  +   820d ago

Why would I give a damn about a girls personality if all I want to be is have a good time and be entertained? What's more entertaining than having sex with a hot women? I'm not looking to married her or my console. Sheer entertainment only.

Just saying
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jimmyateham23  +   820d ago
batman, bruce wayne i know who u are and no its not superior they look the SAME....... XD
myFrankNbeans   820d ago | Spam
Kurylo3d  +   820d ago
All this crap talk, but the truth of the matter theres only one thing to beleive.. the truth about the hardware. We all know they are practically identical with the ps4 having an edge on the graphics card. This is why the ps4 can have higher resolution.. I have no doubt if the xbox one went to this higher resolution it would have even more lag spikes. At the end of the day what do you care about more. Better graphics or better frame rate. Anything above 30 fps is fine by me. And its way above it.. so like seriously...
ikkokucrisis  +   820d ago
@ VaizardNL

If the PS4 works just like the PS3, you just force the display settings to output up to 720p. Consoles have to work with many different types of TV/Monitor's, so games essentially run at many different resolutions from 480i on up to the maximum resolution the console is configured for, or the max the game can output up to (which ever is lower). Get what I'm talking about now?
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Larry L  +   820d ago
How half-assed of a developer are these guys when they can't get the friggin' ancient Quake 3 engine running perfectly smooth at 1080p on any kind of modern hardware including XBone? Rediculous.

On the topic of framerates, I personally don't care if a game is 60fps. In fact, since Killzone has been my FPS of choice since the first one due to it's heavy feel (which is odd since my other FPS of choice is Unreal Tournament which is the total opposite), I have to assume I actually prefer 30fps, particularly for the "realistic" style FPS. It's just got a more film like quality that I really enjoy. I'll be interested to play Shadow Fall's online with it's 60fps for multi-player to see if it affects the feel of the franchise that I've loved so much for so many years.
H0RSE  +   820d ago

"Why would I give a damn about a girls personality if all I want to be is have a good time and be entertained?"

- try having a good time with a woman with either no personality, or a bad's quite the challenge. Personality is everything. An average looking girl with an awesome personality, always beats out a smokin' hot girl who is lacking one.

"What's more entertaining than having sex with a hot women?"

- I don't consider sex with a woman, "entertainment," unless perhaps we're performing show tunes or engaging in dance while we're in bed... Watching porn is entertaining, sex with a woman is something else...That being said, personally I cannot have sex with anyone who I don't like being around, regardless how attractive they are. I cannot engage in sex without emotion, which is why the only person I ever had sex with, is my wife.

"I'm not looking to married her or my console. Sheer entertainment only."

- So essentially you're saying "no commitment." You are implying you have no commitment to PS4 or in the the decision to buy one - somehow I doubt that.
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black0o  +   821d ago
''The Australian Xbox One Community''
i stopped reading there .. move alone ppl
LackaJaKane  +   821d ago

Probably should have kept reading because the article starts of buy saying

"Our Call of Duty: Ghosts review was published on launch day, based primarily on the PlayStation 4 version".

Which is linked to a review that says

"The Australian PlayStation 4 Community"

and by the way, both articles are authored by the same guy
kingdip90  +   821d ago
I read somewhere that there will be a patch soon to fix the ps4 framerate issues... the reviews should take this into account
jackanderson1985  +   821d ago
there's no guarantee the patch will fix them... based on patches of late it might actually screw the game up even more (BF4 and GTA5) come to mind
starchild  +   821d ago
Unless there is some kind of very specific bug that is causing the framerate drops it is unlikely that it can be patched.
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kiz2694  +   821d ago Heres the article, @starchild Not necessarily, can just be down to bad/rushed optimization.
Computersaysno  +   821d ago
It can't be patched??

Don't be dumb. PC games get performance patches all the time.

If this were really that bad they could lower the resolution of the PS4 version, but it's probably a tiny thing that's no big deal.

Seriously if they went to 1600*900 in a patch that's still Waaaaaaaaaaay more than X box One and the game can't fail to be running really really really friggin fast if it nearly manages 60fps at 1080p.

PS4 version may have been pushed a bit too far but if they just slightly lowered the res then it is obvious it's still be miles better than Xbone and run super super quick

They can have any custom rez they want. 1776*999 if they wanted to preserve 16:9. It's so not a big deal to scrape a few pixels off and gain enough performance
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finbars75  +   821d ago
The big question is why are these games being reviewed together? When have they ever reviewed a game on two different consoles in one review which says a lot. The fact they we have seen the comparisons and there is a difference unless you have a shitty monitor,your drunk or your in denial. Its not the consoles that are suffering, like it was stated by IW the problem is there game period. Look at BF4 its not having any problems on the PS4 but on the Xboxone. Its like comparing apples to oranges. If you can notice 720p to 1080p native then it tells me a lot about these reviewers and there non honesty. Plus where are the PS4 reviews for this game that aren't linked to the Xboxones review? Another reason why Im calling these reviewers out on BS.
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Azzanation  +   820d ago
Games aren't better because its 1080p. Look at Killzone SF.
aceitman  +   821d ago
says the xbox website. its funny how ms has an event and many are coming back saying its best on xboxone at least these little websites. but we can cleary see ps4 is the better of the 2 by the videos we see. oh did I see some money being dropped.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   821d ago
It could be that they saw the final retail version instead of the reviewers copy.
SnotyTheRocket  +   821d ago
Yeah, It's Infinity Wards shitty ports and laziness. If a game like Battlefield 4, which is on High settings, never dips below 45FPS and is usually above 50, then neither should CoD.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   821d ago
Not all reviews will be same. DF will give the x1 version low marks while giving the ps4 version high marks. It all depends which gaming site you visit.
allformats  +   821d ago
Yeah, and isn't to be trusted on such matters for obvious reasons.
abc1233  +   821d ago
What exactly are these obvious reasons? As far as I know they have a ps4 section of the site too and many sites have their URL like that based on the section.

Still Doesnt change the fact that the review is stupid. Negligible differences in resolution? Come on
MarkusMcNugen  +   821d ago
Apparently someone has never heard of subdomains.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   821d ago
Most are saying the xbox one version is better. Talking big media and small. Only the appeasing media try to cherrypick moot points.
DoesUs  +   821d ago
1080p is a 125% pixel density increase over 720p upscaled. That superior GPU clearly showing the X1 a clean pair of heels. All for $100 less 8)
MarkusMcNugen  +   821d ago
Pixel density and pixel resolution are two very different things. Pixel density, or PPI/PPCM, is the number of pixels a screen has per a given area. Such as inches or cm. Pixel count or resolution as its commonly called is the number of pixels the screen can display across the entire length and height of the screen.

So 1080p has about 50% more pixels to display on any given screen, but pixel density is dependent on the screen being used. Thats why I can have a phone with a screen at 720p with a pixel density of 300 that looks better than a phone at 1080p with a pixel density of 280.


I lol at the agrees you have. Some people will agree to anything that sounds good even if its untrue.
Utalkin2me  +   821d ago

Pixel density is only reflected by the size of the screen. A 1080p image on a 30" inch screen is going to have a larger pixel density than a 1080p image on 27", hence it having a smaller screen and having to cram the same amount of pixels on a smaller screen. Thats the only way pixel density changes. But if you put 720p and 1080p on the exact same screen the 1080p image will always look better, cause the pixel density never changes on the exact same monitor or TV, it just changes only by size.
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MarkusMcNugen  +   820d ago

Resolution and screen size both comprise PPI. A 30" screen displaying a 1080p image has LESS PPI than a 1080p image on a 27" screen.

So DoesUs is incorrect that the pixel density increases from 720p to 1080p as it is dependent on the screen size and resolution. If he said pixel count I would have been more forgiving, but he still would have been way off as its a little over 50% and not 125%.
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Enemy  +   821d ago
Regardless, Ghosts is rehashed lazy trash regardless of the platform you choose to buy it for.
Snookies12  +   821d ago
Yeah, seems like the same old thing again. I would never pick up a Call of Duty new. Shoot, I wouldn't pick up Ghosts if it were 20 bucks right now. Not until they start giving me a reason to pick it up. Seems like the only thing they rely on is the name of the game. Anything with Call of Duty on it will sell like crazy, for no other reason than namesake.
1080pgamer  +   821d ago
Xbox One is weaker than PS4. All multiplats should run better on PS4, like most already are.
tcozzens  +   820d ago
So Assassins Creed IV, Battlefield 4, and COD, have better resolution on PS4. However.... EA Sports UFC, Need for Speed Rivals, and NBA 2k14 are all the same. Where the best looking multiplatform, in my opinion, is NBA 2k14 which is the same on both.

So all mulitplats should run better on PS4? IDK about that man.

Source ***
trywizardo  +   821d ago
X1 have a stable frame rate meanwhile PS4 can't keep it stable during heat battles in SP and during MP ... FACE lol
sourav93  +   821d ago
Sorry... Accidentally agreed to your comment.
DoesUs  +   821d ago
Haha. The resolution differences downplaying by the media is very funny. Fortunately there are punters out there that know the difference, can see the difference and appreciate the difference. PS4 is simply the far more capable machine. All other multi plats will show it aswell. Imagine if COD ran at 900p on PS4, no framerate issues I'm sure, and yet would still be an order better than the XB1 version, but it's not...why did IW go to 1080p ask yourself that.
MarkusMcNugen  +   821d ago
Yes, No, Maybe. Im not very inclined to believe someone who doesnt know the difference between pixel density and pixel resolution, and most likely the indiscernible difference of 720p and 1080p depending on screen size and distance from the screen.
NateCole  +   821d ago
HastaLaVista  +   821d ago
Ive heard the same thing on a few reviews now. Tmartn also said the same on youtube. X1 runs smooth, ps4 dont. Simple
kiz2694  +   821d ago
The PS4 version, yes has framerate issues, but its only down to bad optimization, like this article states , there already working on a patch, when the framerate issue it fixed, the PS4 will be back on top with a sharper appearance. Also I dont think they should be saying its better makes it seem the actual game has more features. It just runs more smoothly... for now.
#9 (Edited 821d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
OsirisBlack  +   821d ago
It is pretty sad you got disagrees for posting facts. I like the XBOX1 and PS4 heck I still support Nintendo but facts are facts. Just because something does not coincide with your deluded version of reality does not mean its wrong it just means you are delusional.

The PS4 versions of all multiplats (including CoD Ghosts) will be better. The Frame Rate issue is due to IW not correctly optimizing their game and it is obvious they spent the most time on the XB1 version. When they patch it (Fix their mistakes) it will run better on PS4. 1080p > 720p this is a non issue and anyone in gaming media saying they cannot tell the difference is just flat out lying.PC gamers play at 1440,2k and 4k for a reason.

All that said I am still getting Killer Instinct and Titanfall on XB1 720p or not.The bias in here is thick as molasses though.
kiz2694  +   821d ago
Thanks for understanding my point :) I will eventually be supporting both consoles as well, but for now my priority is getting the stronger first. Same thing I did last gen/current gen.
mcstorm  +   821d ago
Again to you all this is COD dose anyone on here really care as the impression this site has given about COD for the last 3 or 4 years is no one likes it but now you all seem to want to talk about it really?
sovkhan  +   821d ago

What did you expect from an xbox community site, to tell you ps4 is better?...Get real, none even bother...
#11 (Edited 821d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   821d ago
-looks at picture-

Summon the cone of silence.

Nexus 7 2013
mhunterjr  +   821d ago
I can't believe people are arguing over which version of this crappy game is better. The one that gives you a high res look at the shitty graphics, but stutters, or the one that runs smoothly, but looks like mud... How about we all do the industry a favor and by neither of them?
Max-Zorin  +   821d ago
All this Kaio-Ken over supposedly the most hated game.
420TOKES420  +   821d ago
Who cares ? COD IS DEAD
Cyanide85  +   821d ago
I did see an article stating that the frame rate issues with PS4 will be solved with a update that is being worked on, according to the article this was confirmed by IW.
Weather this is true I don't know and can't find the article again.

Crossing my fingers hoping that this is true.
Phoenix76  +   821d ago
Not bothered really. Gonna trade in cod for bf4 this weekend anyway lol
TristanPR77  +   821d ago
A lot of websites loosing their credibility today. How in the world would you tell people that 720p is better than native 1080p?

The agenda is clear guys, they want to confuse customers with lies. Is horrible how low the media can get
KingKevo  +   821d ago
And who exactly will base their decision about which console to get on which console runs Ghosts 'better'?! lol

Also, 'difference between 720p and 1080p not noticeable at all in MP'... Sure....
jessupj  +   821d ago
Yeah, the author instantly lost all credibility after they said that absolutely stupid remark.

Talk about trying to downplay the resolution gap.

At least judging from the pre-orders, gamers are smart enough to see through the media's BS.
Goku781  +   821d ago
Like Bruce Wayne said FPS can be patched, but you can't patch 720p
Snackel  +   821d ago
No surprises here, playing online with xboxlive and smooth gameplay will trump everytime..
Belking  +   821d ago
No crying fanboys. Xbox version is better. Dont blame anyone but but sony. They enforced 1080p and got bad results.Th majority of gamers don't care or know the difference betweeen the resolutions. Lesson learned. Resolutions don't make the game.
Brooktini86  +   821d ago
"Dont know the difference" lols
quenomamen  +   821d ago
Lol this says it all,

" Forget about the resolution debate. The difference between 720p upscaled to 1080p on Xbox One and native 1080p on PlayStation 4 is negligible during the single-player and not noticeable at all in multiplayer "

It's like saying " we played the game on an old ass 20" CRT TV and we couldn't 't tell the difference, so the the underpowered version is better.
Hayabusa 117  +   821d ago
Right, because a 20" RCT TV looks EXACTLY like 720p upscaled to 1080p.

Over exaggerated comparisons don't even get you in the same room as an argument, let alone win one.

It's like saying "We played the PS4 version without audio, so the overpowered version is better." See the relevance? Of course not, that's because there is none.

Go back to suckling your mom kid, you have a difficult life ahead of you.
#23.1 (Edited 821d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains138  +   821d ago
Until you play the ps4 version, and it isn't anymore.
cellfluid  +   821d ago
Now I know what's in the cloud... Marijuana smoke... Lol
chuckyj1  +   821d ago
Lol... and let the Sony worshipers scramble to defend their idol.

Remember this is their opinion doesn't mean they are wrong, b/c they are entitled to their opinion.

If your opinion is different that's okay too.

Get the system you like and get the games on your preferred system. As long as your happy that's all that matters...
chuckyj1  +   820d ago
Wow... Someone actually doesn't think people are entitled to their own opinion and you should buy the system and games that make you happy?

Who is this person...
Lacarious  +   820d ago
money pays and people talk... m$ is hard at work on their marketing plan... hopefully it pays off for them cuz they're lots of dumb people out there.
Trekster_Gamer  +   820d ago
Bububu it's native 1080p on the pppps4..frame rate stutter....
Gamerita  +   820d ago
it's awful game even on PC. it's nothing like MW2 or even BO. i look forward to killzone on PS4 & Titanfall on PC. ;)

oh this titanfall game looks like the good old call of duty games hence it's made by the original call of duty people themselves.
pheature  +   820d ago
lesser is more?
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