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Rainstorm811712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Just saw it on my phone could be better but i need to see the PS4 features before i can judge....PS4 cant come soon enough

48 hours left.....

DeletedAcc1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Still not available in germany.. I hope my old
Iphone3g can start this app when its there

Need it asap, want to send messages without turning on my ps3 haha


Available only in USA and not in Eyrope right? And available on mobiles and not on Vita?

Caffo011711d ago

Tip for EU ppl with android:
Just follow the link in the article and access the browser play store, it lets you download the app directly to your phone and it works too.
I just logged in and it works as intended even if it's not out yet in Europe ( and it's even in Italian lol)

The_Con-Sept1711d ago

@ plastica man. The vita already does everything the ps app can do. BT!

Besides I already downloaded it and the number of downloads is at 1 mill plus already.


Thehyph1711d ago


This is why you're not one of my 'PS BUDDIES.'

Jokes. Just added you. :P

darthv721711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Nice. I have the xbox app on my phone and will install the ps one as well.

On a side note, i hope this gets made for windows phones as well. Im planning on getting a new windows phone and giving my GS2 to my son.

okay, just installed it. its cool but it needs work. i was expecting it to be all inclusive in when you click on the store it remains within this app itself. What it does is open a web browser that takes you to the store. Maybe not that big a deal but i would prefer if it was store access built into the app itself instead of using a browser.

Now when you click on trophies or profile it shows the results within the app. i like that.

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Thevariance1712d ago

Looks awesome on my Sony Xperia Z!

Mr_Writer851712d ago

The iTunes link loads up the App Store but a blank page waited 5 mins and still nothing.

I already have the original app but it's not showing any updates for it. My friend has an android and he has it already, maybe a delay to the EU iTunes App Store?

MultiConsoleGamer1712d ago

Thanks for the link. I could not find it by searching the store. All I got was some IGN app and some other non-Sony PlayStation apps.

Mikelarry1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Thanks for the link + helpful bubbles

Installed in my phone and the only issue is that they still haven't fixed it that when you read a message on one device it doesnt mark the message as read on other devices

Keep-It-1001712d ago

Thank you sir ! have a bubble :-)

Blackdeath_6631712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

but...but..what about windows phones? would be pretty funny however as someone who owns a windows phone i would like to purchase and download stuff on the go

minimur121711d ago

Iy says not compatible with Nexus 5... wtf lol this phone came out 14 days ago, maybe it'sbecause of region. I hope so lol

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PSX041711d ago

OMG, it's the longest 48 hours in my life

FunkMacNasty1711d ago

Looks cool! Is this only functional with ps4 features or can I use the app with my ps3? The article didn't say, but it said you can download games from the PS store and "push" them to your PS4...

mattdillahunty1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

i also want to know this. i'm not planning on getting a PS4 until sometime next year, but i'd still like to use this app if it works with PS3. it seems pretty handy.

*edit* i went to the app's page on the Google Play store, and it said this in the description:

"A Sony Entertainment Network account and PS4™ system are required to use all of this application's features."

looks like it doesn't work with PS3, or at best has limited functionality.

Mikey322301711d ago

Anyone who downloaded this app.. is it super quick and snappy? Responsive Good quality app?

I was worried about it being slowish.

vigilante_man1711d ago

Very quick. Trophies load fast. The store is way quicker than on PS3. Awesome...

Tapewurm1711d ago

Just downloaded it for my Galaxy Note great, but still have to wait till I pick up the PS4 on the 15th to see what it can really do :)

KYU21301711d ago

sadly there is no actual iPad version...yet

KodevEx1711d ago

Can someone upload the apk to mediafire?

MadMax1711d ago

Next week for me, amazon free shipping dammit. Cant change the shipping either or i will lose my spot! Looks like im waiting, haha.

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Xsilver1712d ago

time to give this baby a test run

M-M1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Just downloaded it, it works very well. I like how I can send messages without going to the XMB =).

crazyclown1712d ago

About time so glad this exists...this just boosted the user experience by miles

Lwhit61712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Seeing the "Connect to PS4" just threw my excitement over the edge.

Zancruz1712d ago

Oh yeah? *Download It* Done, Now what?

LoTuZ1712d ago

Send me a message. Lets see it in action!

Zancruz1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I just played with it, It's pretty badass! It's a little slow, but it's packed with features... Talked with a friends and sent him a picture from my phone, Brought and started downloading a free PS+ game and more.

Sony's living up to their promises so far...

It even loads trophies faster than the PS3 and you can see the percentage of how many people have earned that trophy.