More journalists chose the Xbox One over the PS4

During a recent Call of Duty: Ghosts review event it was noted by Lazygamer that the console most journalists preferred started at the PlayStation 4 but by the end of the event the Xbox One was easily the more prefered console

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theBAWSE1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I should take this piece seriously and not bias sprinkled with lies at all?

then remove all the cod xbone ads in the background

Enemy1737d ago

More journalists like who, I wonder? Every survey chose PS4. Every preorder chose PS4.

More journalists did choose Xbox hate on.

badboy7761737d ago

More Consumers chose the PS4 over the Xbox One.

End Of Discussion,

Heisenburger1737d ago

"More journalists did choose Xbox hate on."

I really thought you were going to channel Triumph the insult comic dog there for a second.

I am disappoint..



dantesparda1737d ago

"More journalists chose the Xbox One over the PS4"

And more gamers choose the PS4 over the X1.
Because of the controller, how pathetic! These fanboys just keep on trying

allformats1737d ago

Article is fake. Apparently he's saying that journalists rather the Xbox One control -- because they were more used to the Xbox 360 layout? Okay? No surprise there.

But even that is shady, as Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann said he rather the PS4 controller:

Lame article overall.

dantesparda1736d ago

It is lame and the arguments just keep getting weaker and weaker

1737d ago
theBAWSE1737d ago

like I've stated all along Microsoft advertising money... certain sites are whore's getting pimped out by Microsoft and gavin the author of this piece is lying his ass off...

and why is a journalist who is ment to be unbiased lying?... simple for the cheque, the cod xbone ads in the background was hilarious

GavinMannion1737d ago

The adverts are paid for by Activision. They have a deal with MS to put Xbox branding on them. The adverts have no relation to the editorials if you managed to learn how to read and read the entire thing that would become obvious

Boody-Bandit1737d ago

*note to self*

Ignore ALL lazygamer articles from here on out. It sucks N4G doesn't have advanced block and ignore features.

theBAWSE1737d ago

@lazy gamer.... hit a nerve did i, truth hurts

has a name ever been more fitting? but instead of gamer change it to 'lazy journalist'

take your fake articles sprinkled with lies and shove it, next time you want to spread fud don't be stupid enough to have the advertisements running alongside it.... and don't act like you don't receive royalties from showing the advertising

Ezz20131737d ago

"" The PS4 version looks better and that is something Microsoft deserve to be slated for ""

the only thing i agree with in your article

GavinMannion1737d ago

No you didn't hit a nerve. I answered your question and showed you that your comment was full of shit.. but hey you keep self loving all you want.

It really makes no difference in my life

MorePowerOfGreen1737d ago ShowReplies(2)
trywizardo1737d ago

the controller rubber says it all lol

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The story is too old to be commented.