Game Informer: Our First Hands On With Infamous: Second Son

GI: The only two games for which I have PlayStation 3 platinum trophies are Sucker Punch's super-powered Infamous and Infamous 2. You might imagine that I was interested to get my hands on the first PlayStation 4 entry in the series, Infamous: Second Son.

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pheature1777d ago

cant wait to see how it plays.
it looks different that is for sure.

nevin11777d ago

Odd, the only 2 platinum trophies I have is GOW3/Ascension.

Plasticgearsolid1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

if you actually read the article then you would have realized the poster mentions how infamous 1 and 2 are his only platinum trophies. Booom roasted

Edit: hell its even in the damn preview

ZodTheRipper1777d ago

I did read it and it's still not related to the topic. Or do you want me to list all my platinum trophies?

kratos_TheGoat1777d ago

god of war 3 is classic platinum was fun to get

gta28001777d ago

My platinums that I can remember are Infamous 1 and 2 God of War 1,2 and 3. Dynasty Warriors 7, Warriors Orochi 3, Killzone 3, Uncharted 2 and 3, Resident Evil 5, The Last of Us and GTA 5. No doubt I'll be adding Second Son platinum to my collection. When I really enjoy a game I try and get the most out of it and that pushes me to get that platinum but there's plenty of games I enjoyed that I didn't get a platinum simply because I found it too difficult lol.

nevin11777d ago

"(activated by players putting their finger on the DualShock 4 touchpad)."


"Firing smoke bolts moves to R2,"

I hope all shooters give people the option to use L1/R1 to aim and shoot.

Riderz13371777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Gimmick? Do you even know what he is talking about? It's in the trailer where Delsin is forced to place his hand on a scanner. Instead of just pressing "X" or Triangle, you actually use the touch pad to move his hand around and place it on the scanner.

You should actually know what you're talking about before you jump to such conclusions.

nevin11777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Umm Greg Miller months ago already gave a detailed description on that exact moment. Taking your hand off its natural position to do that does seems pointless.


hellzsupernova1777d ago

just because greg millar doesnt like it doesnt mean you shouldnt. Im a huge podcast beyond fan but ever since clements left the show has been on rocky ground, Greg Colin and Clements were perfect.

Im willing to give them the benefit of the doubt like Greg Millar also said it was a hands off demmo at the time so it probably isnt as intrusive as someone demoing it to you as they are trying to show you how and do it at the same time.

nevin11777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

1st of all, its funny how you say I shouldn't like something someone else does but you ripped me for not liking a part of a game.

True at the time he didn't test it himself. But I already had doubts that touchpad will be useless when its all said and done. or never become a game changer.

I been pretty accurate with things. The only thing I got really got wrong was the Wii selling 90-100m units.

And here it seems like there really not sold on it.

monkeyDzoro1777d ago

Taking your hands WHILE in action. But he's not fighting or running when asked. It's during a cinematic. You can see it in the trailer.

hellzsupernova1777d ago

there you go. your god and saviour doesnt mind it after playing it

Dynasty20211777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

An Xbox None lover using the word "gimmick" is probably the most ironic thing ever.

How's your Kinect?

How's your "cloud" bullshit that won't work, ever, otherwise it would have already been done for PCs, and no games on launch are using it.

All "cloud" is good for right now is some kind of blind reassurance to Xbox fans that their games will run better in time, so they can up the resolution etc from their pitiful 720p nonsense.

Dead Rising 3 drops to 18 FPS, and 20 consistently.

720p, 20 FPS, for $500?

What a joke.

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kratos_TheGoat1777d ago

hope second son is better then two. what a boring game two was.

combatcash1777d ago

I didn't like the first one so didn't bother with the 2nd I may give this one a try though.

kratos_TheGoat1777d ago

I like the first one, the second felt the same as 1 but had a boring story. but i like gamplay in two plus dlc better then 1.

JimmyDM901777d ago

I just got my ps4 controller and can say that transitioning your finger/thumb to the touch pad isn't at all intrusive. The controller is like butter in my hands, the best controller I've ever held (haven't tried the Xbox one) can't wait to play some games with it!

combatcash1777d ago

It definitely feels better than the ps3 controls.

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