Games That Stand Out In Steams Recent Greenlight

Vault of the Gameverse has picked out their favorite games from the list that got Greenlit on Steam today. This is the best batch so far.

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Germaximus1624d ago

I apologize if the tags are incorrect. I wasn't sure. They seem fine but I could be wrong.

SlapHappyJesus1624d ago

I actually greenlit a number of these the other day.

hosseincode1624d ago

The Dark Phantom is being made by persian (Iranian) developers :D

buy it and support game development in other countries...

RaikRhythm1624d ago

Glad you mentioned Freedom Fall; I enjoyed that game. Short, but the writing on the wall that you can read as you play is hilarious. xD

Germaximus1624d ago

haha =) That was something I had noticed in the screenshots. Very funny! It looks fun. I'm glad to hear from someone that's already played it.