3 Days to PS4, 3 Ways to Wait

With only a few days left until the PS4 hits store shelves, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan offer advice on the best ways to spend time preparing for your next-gen experience. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1772d ago

It's like Christmas. Before Christmas.

Foolsjoker1772d ago

As long as you don't live in the UK it is. =P

AceBlazer131772d ago

been spending the last few months clearing throug my backlog to kill time. a next good way is to come to n4g and catch a few laughs or go out and spend time with friends cause they sure as hell ain't gonna see much of me once i get my ps4.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1772d ago

-sleeping pills
-hire Mayweather to punch you every time you show signs of waking up until the 15th.

Wedge191771d ago

Finish up some pesky platinum in the next 3 days for PS3!