Pach-Attack - PS4 Launch Special Report

Michael Pachter dishes out his sales expectations for the PlayStation 4.

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allformats1741d ago

Even the Pach is in on the hype!

blusoops1741d ago

I doubt you'll be getting $50 from GameStop for AC4 in January of next year. The $10 trade up is available for a LIMITED amount of time. Won't last forever.

Godmars2901741d ago

He's always on the hype.

Not necessarily a good thing.

JC_Denton1741d ago

I love how he's hyping up Assassin's Creed, a series second only to Call of Duty in its casual fanbase, and then calling Knack out for being casual.

thekhurg1741d ago

Actually he said Knack will appeal to a narrower audience (true), and then clarified that it was more casual focused. He didn't claim that was a bad thing, he just stated the obvious.

Knack WILL have a narrower appeal than AC4, Killzone, CoD, BF4, etc... Doesn't mean it'll be a bad game.

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pheature1741d ago

hasent a clue.
but funny because of that.

yellowgerbil1741d ago

LOL I just bought AC4 today at Walmart

Death1741d ago

OMG this is like watching my dad try to explain what the internet is.

Heisenburger1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Get your hand off my damn game bro!!

Actually, I preordered ACIV a week ago for day one delivery from WalMart online

I'm pretty pissed that it didn't arrive. I contacted them and they said some nonsense about their shipment not coming in from the *manufacturers.

I better get my game before Friday or I shall raise hell.


xReDeMpTiOnx1741d ago

Man I'd be raising hell if I didn't get it on the 15th.

May the gaming gods grace you with your game in time for 11/15/13

Heisenburger1741d ago

Well I genuinely appreciate your kind words. I did at least preorder BF4 through PSN, so no matter what I'll have something to play.

Plus Resogun and that charming looking game Contrast.

But yeah, I do have my heart set on ACIV first.

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The story is too old to be commented.