GameStop Will Have "Some" Extra PS4 Units At Launch

It appears that GameStop stores will have a few extra PlayStation 4 consoles available for regular consumers on launch day. Better get there early!

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xReDeMpTiOnx1565d ago

Regardless extra systems or not I made sure greatness awaits me 11/15/13

Did you 0.O

FamilyGuy1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

The walmart local to me has 33 in for non-pre-order sale, seems like a pretty good amount considering there's four walmarts in my area, 4 GameStops, 2 Super Targets, Kmart, and a Best Buy. That was the day before yesterday so they might have even more than that.
I've got my pre-order there and was curious about what they'd have for day 1 for a while. No idea about how many extra the closest gamestop will have though.

BigDollarZoe9541565d ago

good might still be hope the watchdog bundle screwed me when the game got pushed back amazon wouldn't sell me just the system here's hoping

Lwhit61565d ago

Hopefully amazon is on the ball and gets it to my house asap. "Before 8 o clock" is too late. I've been waiting almost 8 years for this I need it NOW

solidt121564d ago

This Console cycle has been way too long but it is going to be worth the wait because the PS4 is killer.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

my local gs said they start selling at 6 pm but cant give the console till midnight. first come first serve. hope that helps some of yall. happy hunting

one2thr1565d ago

Same thing my GS told me

LOL_WUT1565d ago

Same here got told the same I couldn't even place money down for the system anymore ;)

GHOSTxx4201565d ago

I walked into my gamestop on Monday to trade a iPad air in only to find out they had one more ps4 preorder. It sure made my day

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awesomeisjayell1565d ago

great now i can purchase one and throw it off of a bridge. X1 Day One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USMC_POLICE1565d ago

Congrats man enjoy that sub HD and online DRM when they change it back.

Lowsnamebrand1565d ago

you are whats wrong with society, stop trying to convince yourself you need a more expensive, outdated, 720p cablebox thats second function is games, and more importantly throw yourself off that bridge

Kalebninja1565d ago

lmao they really should have called it the xbox 720 xD

YodaCracker1565d ago

That's pretty bad if games are only its second function but it has a better launch lineup than its direct competitor who is apparently only about the games.

Sevir1565d ago

That's all in your opinion! DR3, Ryse, and KI isn't worth $500 to play in low res!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1565d ago

I'm loving how all the Sony fanboys are resorting to using "sub HD" (implying they even know what they're talking about; by now it's obvious that they don't). I guess the PS4 is garbage too if you don't have a HDTV. Wanna buy a PS4 but only have 720p? Well don't bother because it will look like crap.

Rainstorm811565d ago

are u also loving Xbox fanboys throwing PS4s off bridges as well?

Khajiit861565d ago

I dont know about you but my 55 inch 3d led tv is ready for next gen.

kornbeaner1565d ago

There's no reason to buy a XB1 or PS4 if you don't have an HDTV, both systems only have HDMI so your "point" is invalid.

Sharky2311565d ago

The ps4 you threw off the bridge will probably work better than a new x1!!!

GoodnessGreatness1565d ago

Even if you throw it off a bridge (which is idiotic for a human being, but hey you're an Xbox fanboy) PS4 is still better and will be bought by more people.

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dartmyth1565d ago

The gamestop by me was out of preorders the first day and started a list they called and said they will have extra ps4 11/15/13
But i already paid for one and just have to pick it up at walmart down the street

Godchild10201565d ago

Yea, my old manager said he will set one aside for my nephew. It's sucks when you oonly have enough at the time to only preorder 2.

Akuma2K1565d ago

My PS4 is pre-ordered and paid for, i'm glad i didn't wait late to pre-order or i'd be SOL right

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