The Difference Between PS4 Demo Units Locking Up And Xbox One Hang-Ups

Gaming Blend "One of the videos bound to make the rounds and cause a stirring within the loins of the fanboy masses is a five minute clip featuring a PlayStation 4 demo station at Target that hangs... and hangs... and hangs. While the MDF might like to use this as fuel against the SDF in saying that PS4 suffers from “overheating” issues, the reality is that the instances of the PS4 hanging are very different from the Xbox One."

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DrRobotnik1563d ago

So...Ps4 has to be in a sealed air tight case to break and the xbone just has to be pluged in. Got it.

4Sh0w1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

"The PS4's demo screen gets hung up trying to load a demo. It could have been a scratched disc, the unit could have been on all day, the controller could have died. Not really excuses, but explanations. The other thing about the PS4 lock-up is that the service rep never reboots the system and it's not captured on camera what happens when the unit is restarted. Instead, the guy doing the Fox-style filming just walks away before any additional details emerge. Great way to make a case, ace."

lolz, he waited forever, the store guy had NO clue, lol talk about some serious spin from none other than William Usher. Wow, just wow now that's some biased as f*** journalism right there for you. X1 had trouble connecting, ps4 crashed plain and simple.

Muerte24941562d ago

I have a question for you 4show. How many vent do you see in that case?

dantesparda1562d ago

I had the same thing happen to me at Gamestop. But im not in the least bit worried about it. But come on people, this is pathetic! We all know better and know these thing are common and the guy doing the video definitely seems like he has a agenda. I havent even seen X1 demos at the stores yet. Why is that? Is there something to hide? (You see what i did there)

DrRobotnik1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

The morale of today's story is to always keep your electronic game systems in a well ventilated area. Also, instruction manuals say that too...for the last 30 years.

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trywizardo1562d ago

these are nothing , just wait to see a whole lot of PS4's with "red lines of death" lol ...

cyguration1562d ago

That was a great way to use your one bubble, bro.

snp1562d ago

Has to really. If he didn't write that sort of crap might accidentally end up with two bubbles.

CramShaft1562d ago

Take anything from cinemablend with a grain of salt. The PS4 over heating issue is non existent, any electronic device will over heat in a small airtight compartment and this is the first I'm hearing of the XB1 having a problem.

coopman3001562d ago

Nice "non-fanboy" article. Pre launch demos on unfinished hardware/software are bound to be full of bugs regardless of which system it is. Downplaying one while blowing the other out of proportion just proves you're a fanboy.

Deltaohio1562d ago

Pre launch hardware and software?
Less then 2 days til launch and this happens?
Sony is so great but yet they send faulty units for DISPLAY? Lol
Either Sony is dumb for sending bad software and hardware OR maybe there are larger problems a foot.
Your choice

coopman3001562d ago

Also it never says if the xbox being shown is a store display or a unit at one of the pre-launch events. I'm assuming the latter seeing as how dark it is. Which would imply that the problems with the ps4 on show are much more troubling than the ones with the xb.

edgeofsins1562d ago

You saw this video 2 days before launch.. Doesn't mean the hardware was brought there 2 days before launch. It is a demo unit, where it is really close to final retail but the software might change by release, so whatever might have caused this could be patched. The software messed up, not the hardware. It didn't crash either. It was hanging.

Stop trying to start a conspiracy over one mess up. Sony isn't hiding any widespread issue. They are complete professionals in hardware. Microsoft on the other hand has trouble fitting a laptop in a small case. And we all know their software history. We have had Vista rehashes for years. Vista had major issues and uses to many resources. 7 was what it should have been. 8 is just a reskinned windows 7 that they don't allow certain updates on 7 because they want to force people to upgrade to a slightly different OS at a big price.

Deltaohio1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


You are right. It could be old software. That's very possible. And any issues CAN be patched it ifs software.

But u obviously didn't read my post very well. Stop letting your love for Sony cloud ur reasoning.

I said they would be dumb for sending bad software and (should of said or) hardware as a display unit.
Why would u send faulty software like that? For the love of Sony you would think they would have debugged AT LEAST their demo units before shipping them out.

And it don't see why you need to add MS into the equation. No comparison was made with them at all.

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