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joeyisback1776d ago

i wouldnt join microsoft when the guy who might be the next ceo wants to shut down or sell the xbox brand i dislike Microsoft they aint for the gamers

rickybadman1776d ago

There has been zero confirmation of this rumor, Microsoft made a joke of it. Elop is also rumored not to be a front runner, he just applied and got interviewed. The people in charge of picking the CEO, especially Gates, wants to keep it.

But lets keep parroting it. SMH

misterssippi1776d ago

Its not a rumor. @jeffrubenstein confirmed it via Twitter.

LOGICWINS1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

@joey - I would. You know how good it would look on a resume that you worked for Microsoft in a marketing position? Even if the Xbox brand got shutdown (it won't), thats experience right there. You'd be a shoe in for any other PR/marketing position ANYWHERE coming off of a position like that.

Man, your gunna miss out on so many opportunities in life with your thinking.

Death1776d ago

I think you would be surprised...

rainslacker1776d ago

You're right. It takes a lot to get hired at MS, so getting hired there makes you a shoe in for most other jobs.

I don't think this guy left for resume reasons though. He was the head of Sony's social media, and that is a pretty good credit right there.:)

I wish him the best of luck, I always enjoyed reading his blogs on the PS Blog.

Ashby_JC1775d ago

"i dislike Microsoft they aint for the gamers "

I have had a great time with the xbox brand for the last 10 years....and myself and many other gamers look forward to many more years on the xbox brand.

But you can keep on disliking MS and missing out on some solid games and experiences.

ThatCanadianGuy5141776d ago

He was the U.S PS blog guy for years.He quit last year i think.Now he's off to Xbox blog i guess.

Weird choice to be honest, with xbox currently being the sinking ship it is and whatnot.

LOGICWINS1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

"with xbox currently being the sinking ship it is and whatnot."

The hell???


SMH such ignorance. Canadian, you realize that the PS3 was dubbed a "sinking ship" in 2006 correct? But what happened. Sony made CHANGES to ensure that they could remain at the forefront of the goodwill of gamers. This generation hasn't even begun yet, what makes you think that Microsoft can't do the same thing? You really think they'll just rollover and do NOTHING if the PS4 outsells them 5:1?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why N4G isn't taken seriously be other journos/publications. Its because of people like ThatCanadianGuy514 that they view our community as a sideshow freak act that they make fun of in podcasts.

The XB1 isn't out yet, every XB1 available has been sold via pre-orders, Halo 5 and Titanfall aren't even out yet...but the XB1 is a sinking ship


ThatCanadianGuy5141776d ago


High price
Weak hardware
Getting decimated by bad PR
Going to be outsold 2:1 on launch and for the rest of it's life.
Investors want to spin the xbox brand and potential CEO agrees.

Does that sound like a safe seaworthy vessel to you?

Death1776d ago


You must have missed this:

As for the high price, compared to what? The PS4 without the PSEye is $100 less which makes sense since you are getting less in the box. Microsoft can lower the price anytime they want since it is rumored they aren't losing money on the hardware like cash strapped Sony is.

As for "power", it's a negligible difference. 1080p native vs. 1080p upscaled at worst. Not all games on the PS4 can make 1080p and not all Xbox One games are not 1080p. All are output at 1080p upscaled though and at 10-15 feet it's not as much of a difference as many want to believe.

2:1 for life? Where were you when the PS3 launched? I think it was 5:1 back then. Nice predictions.

As for the bad PR, that lives in the minds of hardcore Playstation fans that believe listening to customers is a bad thing and label it a 180.

I wouldn't want to do marketing for either company, but if I had to pick it would be the one that actually makes money.

aceitman1776d ago

@death every single ps4 game is 1080p period ur not only death but ur blind to that as well. the camera is 59$ so if it was included it still is cheaper. and have u seen the article that ms wants to get rid of bing and xbox. and that's by there shareholders.get ur stuff right .

Death1776d ago


The link I provided says "Major Sony investor calls for the corporation to split up" Investor is another word for shareholder.

Battlefield 4 runs at 900p on the PS4.

Yes, if you add the PSEye there is a $40 difference between the two consoles. The capabilities of the cameras justifies the price difference.

Thanks for setting me straight on all that.

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Ashby_JC1775d ago

Sinking Ship??

SMH. IS XBone doing Ps4 preorder numbers? NO

Is Xb one sold out everywhere? YES

Is there a HUGE demand for BOTH systems?? YES

Sinking ship GTFOH with that hyperbole propaganda BS!

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Soldierone1776d ago

He didn't just do the blog, he was also lead PR. When he was around, you could actually contact Sony and get responses. Ever since he left, their PR team has sucked.

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