No PS4 and Xbox One at Launch: 8th Generation Limbo

This month is receiving a lot of attention due to the anticipation of the 8th generation consoles releasing in mere days. As the current consoles make way for a new generation, where does that leave gamers stuck in current generation limbo?

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curtis921706d ago

*sees no comments*


thomasmiller1706d ago

EXACTLY!! great article, with the Xbox 360 and ps3 STILL SELLING VERY WELL, what's going to happen in the next few weeks? Those sales will plummet and the ps4 and xbox one will fly of the shelves? SORRY FAN BOYS, not gonna happen, there are going to be some very upset fanboys when NOT IF BUT WHEN, the ps4 and xbox one do not live up to the hype in sales numbers..

2pacalypsenow1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

what is the sales numbers hype? i think someone is bitter they wont be getting a next gen console .
You say fanboys for people that will go next gen when your sound like a pathetic fanboy of current gen

SoapShoes1706d ago

Um anyone who is older than 7 will know that when a new console launches the old ones continue to out sell the new ones. It happened with PS2 and PS3. PS1 was outselling the PS2 and PS2 was outselling the PS3. It has to do with pricing.

avengers19781706d ago

Read your own comment history and come back here and tell me you are NOT a fanboy.

stavrami1706d ago

who the hell pulled this article from there arse ???

stavrami1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

@thomasmiller if you can't afford one be a man about it . no need to go kung fu style