Ghost Games Hope To Define Racing’s Future With Need For Speed Rivals

GR - After playing a healthy chunk of Need For Speed: Rivals, I got to speak with Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson about the future of the franchise and where he hopes to take it with newly formed studio Ghost Games.

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ATiElite1711d ago

Sorry but Project CARS has already done this.

But PLEASE feel free to copy!

donman11711d ago

More of the same with the Need For Speed franchise. I am more excited for Project Cars.

acharlez1711d ago

It sure looks gorgeous.

C-H-E-F1711d ago

They call it a racing game, but you can't race with manual transmission? REALLY yeah you are defining racing alright, car customization? How about go back to Underground roots, how can you be a street racer without vehicle customization?? Skipping this one as well.

Retroman1711d ago

same here CHEF underground roots or a REAL hotpursuit root from BLACKBOX studio would have me back as a NFS fan.