Top Ten Tuesday Presents: Top Ten Sad Moments in Anime, Cartoons and Gaming

Kuma Wrote: Hello everyone and welcome to Top Ten Tuesdays. On this Triple T day we will touch base on those top ten moments in our geek, gaming and anime world. This time around I started to think about those sad moments that gave us those feelings where we are caught up in the moment and trying to hold back those tears. Great writing usually gets us all choked up at times and I wanted to relive those memories with you all. Please enjoy.

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AceBlazer131708d ago

ash turning to stone
ending of walking dead
lelouch,shirley and rollo's death in code geass
ace dying so close to freedom
the final moments of mgs4,
roxas defeating xion
axel's sacrifice
duck's death
l and lights death in death note

SavageKuma1708d ago

Those were some sad moments too. Wow!