The Indie Titles Of Sony's PlayStation Launch Event

Game Informer: Sony packed the PlayStation 4 launch event with games, and over one-quarter of them come from indie studios. We played every single one and have rounded them up in launch date order. We also have good news, with two of the future releases confirmed for PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection at launch.

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trywizardo1773d ago

its all about he indies baby and no AAA , a 400$ will spent lol

GentlemenRUs1773d ago

$100 more!

$500 well spent... Oh wait...

Indies have more gameplay value over current AAA titles :P

obliteratorFTW1773d ago

Include sub 30fps in that list of well spent 500$. Dr3 dips below 20fps. Lol. And that even at 720p. XD

MysticStrummer1773d ago


It's all about the more powerful console with the more well rounded launch lineup. Something for everyone, with AAA, indies, and F2P. Add a cheaper price to that mix and it's all about PS4 the win.

harrisk9541773d ago

First, only a quarter of the games at the event were indie titles which means that there were about 40 games playable at the event, 30 of which were not discussed in the article. Second, you can troll all you want. Have fun with your XB1 that has inferior versions of AAA titles. (By the way, have you read the Digital Foundry analysis of Dead Rising 3, LOL...

darksky1773d ago

Some of those games look very good. These indies and free to play games will boost up the PS4 catalogue nicely.

ShutUpDonny1773d ago

This is great! Just like the movies, the real gems are rarelly bluckbusters. I'll take a Journey over a Lost Planet any day.

MysticStrummer1773d ago

I loaded up Journey the other day and actually ran into another player going through the game. Didn't expect that after all this time. Such a great experience.

Blastoise1773d ago

Doki-Doki Universe and Hohokum, keepin an eye out for them

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