NBA 2K14 Has The Potential To Woo Those Typically Ambivalent To Sports Titles

Game Informer: I'm the kind of gamer that buys a Madden title every few years. I'll occasionally get the itch to play FIFA. I'm not what you'd call a diehard sports gamer, but I do know how to appreciate one that look great and plays extremely well. I also know that the immediate post-launch window is thin on titles, which makes gamers more flexible about buying games they might not otherwise.

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GotEnder1777d ago

i have not bought a basketball game in years. after looking at screenshot comparisons between the game and real life players i was sold.

foxsilver0071777d ago

it looks good I probally buy it.

DanielGearSolid1777d ago

If youre a man... And dont like sports, then dammit... I dont like YOU

And quite frankly idk how you can live with the fact the a guy that you've never met and isnt your boss doesnt like you /s

xJumpManx1777d ago

Im waiting to see Lives review before I commit to 2k14. Live was more fun IMO but I prefer fast paced basketball to slower sim style of 2k14 to each their own.

koolaid2511777d ago

Live, what a joke 2k14 will bury live watch this be the last live to come out 2k needs to put them in the dirt for good this time around. They're still scared to show gameplay and Live doesn't come out until a week after the console drops something isn't right they're hiding something.

xJumpManx1777d ago

We shall see. Again I like how much faster Live is compard to 2k14. I get bored with Sm games I prefer fun.

koolaid2511776d ago

You need to play NBA jam then that's more of the game that you will like these new sports game are getting brutally realistic.