Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Cutscene Screenshots

Now that we know that the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster release will be on December 26th in Japan, we can finally have a closer look at how high def some of the cut scenes will be. The HD remaster is clearly miles better than the original graphically and the screenshots do not disappoint, showing off incredible visual emotions from Tidus and Yuna. Take a look at the screenshots and let us know what you think!

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timmyp531740d ago

I wish they remastered the cutscenes better in GOW collection. It was odd how the actual game looked better then the cutscenes lol. Good job here though. =)

Pozzle1740d ago

The same goes for the Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica HD releases. The gameplay sections looked great, but the cutscenes were fuzzy/pixelated as hell.

FamilyGuy1740d ago

I'm really gonna have to buy this game again lol
I've still got my PS2 version and save files. FF10 is probably my 2nd favorite game of all time though behind Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Though worth of criticism, my 3rd is WKCs 2: I loved the game, the online community and you just can't play a game for over 2000 hours without admitting it's your favorite lol. RiP the online servers though.

Back on topic, definitely picking this remaster up. The PS4 will keep me occupied till it releases in the U.S. though.

GotEnder1740d ago

i cant decide if i will get the vita or ps3 version, im assuming cross buy would be asking to much?

Stsonic1740d ago

Would be nice to have super HD remake for PS4

haftarun81740d ago

That and/or PC. Could've just used the cutscene assets for the whole realtime game engine, doing a full DX11 version (including full camera and object motion blur, bokeh dof, and dx11 MSAA that also handles alpha textures like Crysis3's implementation (maybe some adaptive supersampling AA options too while I'm at it?))that would port to PC and PS4 pretty seamlessly. Dev bang for your buck, and everyone wins! Sadly it probably won't happen :(.

Taislin1740d ago

The first two and the last one are not cutscene screenshots