FIFA 14 PS4 Unboxing

Here is a collection of images from an unboxing of FIFA 14 on the PS4. Details of the minimum hard drive space required and the ability to use remote play are included.

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brandonb211777d ago

can anyone answer this question for me if the 30 day ps plus that comes with my console require an active credit card? as well the 7 days of plus that comes with a game?

joeyisback1777d ago

u can use pre paid card but than after u sign up u can keep it from recharging it

DonMingos1777d ago

No, the free days of plus are through a code redeem. no need for credit card. Just like a voucher.

brandonb211776d ago

i just got killzone at Walmart it comes 7 days of plus requires credit card. hopefully the ps4 30 days dont require credit card