NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Stream

Ronnie2K and LD2K (2K Sports Community Manager) go against each other in NBA 2K14

New York Knicks (Ronnie) VS. Golden State Warriors (LD2K)

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bakss091741d ago

No No No this just looks like current gen gameplay with the graphics on steroids. I see they only paid attention to superstar looks on the game you can see at 13:18 that stat dnt look like stat. Melo to damn skinny and looks like he balding. and I'm just knit picking, i feel as if 2k has not delivered a real basketball experience in any of their last installments, just very annoying animations that stagger the game, eco-motion just gives the game more animations??? i cnt do it again leaving this at the shelf

TrueJerseyDevil1740d ago

Yea i completely agree. That animation when the opponent goes for a steal and you get staggered should not still be in the game smh. Going with NBA Live since i don't care much for graphics when it is the same game i played of current gen


sucks i have to wait till after the holidays to get this. but itll be before the playoffs so im strait :)best sports game ive ever seen

JetsFool35001741d ago

If thats your best sports game ever you obviously never played MLB13


mlb13 is awesome. and mlb14 im sure will blow away nba2k. 2k14 for the ps4 is the best....for now. we all know that games will get better dog.

TrueJerseyDevil1740d ago

Mlb the show 14 has the best graphics for any game i have seen for the next generation yet so you are wrong

Mr Sadistic1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

bakss you blind as fuck. Do you not see the improved player animations and smoothness of game play over all?

badboy7761741d ago

THe controller Light Bar is Sexy!!!!!