Nyko’s Smart Clip PS4 accessory image and details revealed

Online Retailer Amazon has revealed the first image, along with some details, in regards to Nyko’s Smart Clip accessory for the Playstation 4 next-generation system.

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JoGam1737d ago

No thanks. Look cheap and it covers the track pad on edges.

parentoftheyear1737d ago

I've been wondering how I'm going to utilize commander mode and play st the same time. Doubt my iPad fits in that lmao.

SuperBlur1737d ago

wow that's kind of neat , me want one if it is as good as it look

Scrumptious1736d ago

No thank you. Looks like it would strain the wrists when playing for more than 15 minutes.

JetsFool35001736d ago

Yeah especially with my heavy galaxy note 2