After Launch PS4 Adding Media Functionality “Eventually”

Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that SCEA will add MP3, music CD and DLNA server support to PS4 “Eventually”.

Yoshida was surprised by the outrage that the announcement that PS4 would not support these basic media services at launch causing some to cite that as the reason they favor the Xbox One over the PS4.

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Godmars2901655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Where do I send the letter saying, "On that 'eventual' day I'll be buying a PS4 - so you better hurry up!"?

More like a half-n-half. More like a 1/6. I bought a PS2 because the PS1 assured the games, and I wanted a DVD player, which the PS2's was coming highly rated. The PS3 pretty much for the same reasons, BR and the browser, but the last and to some extent the games didn't automatically deliver.

So now the PS4 is coming, I'm not seeing any titles right now which are "must buy" for me, and now at the eleventh hour I'm hearing that basic features from the PS3 which shouldn't even require thought have been stripped out. So until Sony gets it s*** in gear I can extended the tree months I was planning to wait into six or more. Because its looking like its going to take a year before the system is up to any decent speed.

And I've still got my PS3.

fluffydelusions1655d ago

If you're buying a PS4 for those features alone you are doing it wrong.

WorldGamer1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Now, now, to each their own. He can just log onto N4G to find out what a great experience people are having until he gets his wish. I'll be on Bf4 and KS:SF in about 2 days, I got no time to dwell upon those left behind.

gano1655d ago

the new terms of service, damn near having me consider.
The future is getting very personal.

BitbyDeath1655d ago

But what about video/image support?
Still have not seen confirmation on if this functionality will be included.

DrRobotnik1655d ago

Glad to here it's the Media Functionality eventually instead of gaming functionality eventually. Cause that would really suck...(cough)Xbone day 1 patch needed for system to work(cough).

DanielGearSolid1655d ago

The obly reason im not royally pissed, is my smart tv can do those media things...Besides in game music

iiwii1655d ago

That, and many PS4 owners will still have their PS3 which can still do all of that... But still, they do need to add it back as soon as possible. It's kinda going backwards if they didn't.

WorldGamer1655d ago

All in due time. It is first and foremost a GAMING console. Take it easy.

DarKnightDave1655d ago

All these people griping because ps4 didn't have mp3 function are crazy. Surely if you can afford to get a ps4, you should already have a device called an ipod or like me a SONY Walkman that you can play your music on whilst playing a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.