Fortune Favors the Bold in The Stanley Parable and Sleep No More

Taking risks is part of playing videogames. Recent hit Dark Souls is one of the best examples of this, a game which gives you nothing and demands everything for even the smallest morsel. Risk isn’t always so fatalistic though. Sometimes it’s a far more subtle and devious kind of challenge, a demand to overcome something so basic that you wouldn’t even know you were putting yourself on the line until you had crossed onto the other side.

It’s into this brave new world that games like The Stanley Parable and The Walking Dead thrust players, a world where the risk isn’t in losing, but instead in trusting in yourself.

It’s a world that’s expanding beyond the limited sphere of videogames with Punchdrunk and Emersive’s play Sleep No More, an in-the-flesh theater experience that has more in common with modern first-person exploration games than anything on Broadway.

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ifritAlkhemyst1776d ago

Sleep No More! Absolutely my favorite art installation ever! It's a shame all of my friends are too enamored by the bar scene to give a damn about such a unique experience.

coolbeans1776d ago

What the heck is Sleep No More about? I didn't even no this existed until this opinion piece.

ifritAlkhemyst1776d ago

Just find the time to experience it.

And if you do, do not be shy. You may not be able to speak, but you can still communicate and interact with the actors through subtle things like body language, who you choose to follow, how you position yourself during a "scene", etc. As the article suggests, fortune favors the bold.

coolbeans1776d ago

Sounds interesting. I'll jot it down in my memory (hopefully I don't forget!).

WeAreLegion1776d ago

The Stanley Parable is brilliant. Go play the demo on Steam. Now.