DuckTales Gets Physical

Woo Hoo. DuckTales Remastered is finally out in stores for those gamers who shy away from digital downloads. It’s available at game retailers everywhere for the budget price of $19.99.

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BootHammer1741d ago

Great game! Looks awesome in HD.

turgore1741d ago

The game sucks ass and the reviewers agree. 20 dollars for such a short game is unacceptable.

Deadpoolio1741d ago

Uh oh some child never actually played the game back in the 90s when it was new....Which means this was not for you

Dagobert1741d ago

It's a remake of the old game. Fans of the old game enjoy it. It wasn't meant for newcomers.

barb_wire1741d ago

This has only now just come out on a disc? Odd, I saw this last month on the PS3/360 at my local Walmart and priced at $19.96.

rainslacker1741d ago

It was supposed to release on disc at the same time. They pushed it back for some reason.

Picked mine up today, loved this game back when it first came out.:)