Sony's Shuhei Yoshida: 'We need Nintendo to be successful'

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida made some nice comments about Nintendo recently stating that their success is important to Sony.

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GribbleGrunger1651d ago

I Just watched the full interview on IGN and it blew me away. Yoshida is a remarkable man with more humility and honesty than any other personality in this industry.

Kryptix1651d ago

It's cool to see Yoshida complimenting both sides, the guy seems to be at peace all the time.

People will disagree, but Nintendo was the main reason Playstation was created (started as an add-on to the SNES then got created into a console) and you have to thank them for that. Plus with that competition from back then in the late 90s...both of them were powerhouses when it came to exclusives proving that competition is always good.

Nintendo is in a tough spot in the console market, but hopefully they come back full swinging someday. Maybe we'll see the same competition like N64 vs Playstation from back then.

TruthbeTold1651d ago

Hopefully more people who hang on his every word will begin to emulate his attitude toward Nintendo.

Reeze1651d ago

With the industry full of lying, distrust, and name-calling (even if it is joking around), it's nice to see some friendly people out there...

I believe that competition is key when it comes to gaming (any business, really), because companies will inspire each other and help them keep business tactics reasonable.

Hopefully this type of relationship will spread and more people will start acknowledging each other in a friendly way!

BullyMangler1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

ha haa Yoshida is trying to troll.

Nintendo announces that they will be going the 2 screen route with the wiiU this generation, and yoshida decides to copy Nintendo with the same features using the vita. that sounds to me like Nintendo succeeded, not just in being innovative, but in being looked up to by major heads ..

yoshida should focus on calling his own shots instead of waiting on Nintendo no?

yoshida EXPOSED!!

ahh yeahh

Lowsnamebrand1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

PSP remote play was around way before the WiiU nice try though do some research next time have a great night

EcoSos31651d ago


Actually Sega kinda did it first.

Then Nintendo

bobacdigital1651d ago

DS was using two screens before the psp.

deafdani1651d ago

Boy, I'm so glad you only have one bubble, which is already one bubble too many.

RicardJulianti1650d ago

@Lowsnamebrand and I guess @EcoSos3 too

Nintendo did indeed have a sort of remote play before anyone else. It was called the GameBoy Player.

You would plug it into the SNES, put the GB cart in, and play on the big screen. Then, when you were ready to go on the road, you would take out the cart and continue your game on the GameBoy.

It may have been that you were playing portable games on the big tv instead of the other way around, but Nintendo has been tinkering with the cross-compatibility type stuff for a long, long time.

Hell...while we're on the subject they basically invented episodic downloadable games with the Satellaview...

cluckey071650d ago

Yeah you are completely wrong. The Wii U might be the 2nd or 3rd console to attempt a second screen. The psp failed, the Wii U has failed, As of right now PS4/Vita may be the first to succeed. It has the biggest chance considering the Vita is the most powerful hanheld ever and the PS4 is the most powerful console ever.

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AceBlazer131651d ago

Makes sense. can't tell you how disappointed I am that my nieces and nephews can't operate a controller all they know is swipe swipe touch.

Neonridr1651d ago

Translation: Buy a PS4, and if you have some extra cash lying around, pick up a Wii U down the road.

Ultimate combo right there.

meganick1651d ago

That's been a winning combo for me the last few generations.

Misaka_x_Touma1650d ago

or if you already have Wii U get a PS4
abd don't forget get 3DS and Vita combo with them.

WeAreLegion1651d ago

Please send some devs over to Nintendo to help them get into HD. They are having issues with that, according to Iwata. :\ I'd love to see these two work together.

Concertoine1651d ago

I think they got the hang of it now. Looking at 1080p 60fps mario kart and smash anyways.
Im willing to bet if MS dropped out (not saying they will or i want them to) nintendo would return to a competitive console in terms of hardware. I think the wii and wii u were a response to the disappointing sales of the n64 and gamecube, 2 systems that didnt try much different, whereas the wii and wii u are radically different.
This gen will be a blast, the last one had a slow start but things are really kicking at launch for once.

RicardJulianti1650d ago

If Nintendo is putting out games that look as good as Pikmin 3 and 3D World while they are "having issues"....I can only imagine what they will bring when they get a full grasp on everything.

I believe what Nintendo (it may have been Miyamoto and not Iwata...but I'm not sure) said about HD development is that it was more difficult than they anticipated...

MegaRay1650d ago

I dont think sony will help Nintendo I mean its business and Sony cant afford to lose money just to help a rival company. But if u can then you help them and buy a WiiU ^^

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