Super Mario 3D World - The Pitch TV Spot

Nintendo releases new TV Spot for Super Mario 3D World.

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Axonometri1742d ago

Looks like Mom got her computer back up and checked out those customers in time to come home for family time.

_QQ_1742d ago

I think Marketing to families this holiday is a smart move for Nintendo. going for an older audience first this holiday would be suicide, even if they had the right games coming out new console releases would overshadow it. But next Year the new console Hype will go down and it will be all about the games.

iplay1up21742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Ya know, all of these TV spots are great, but I HAVE NOT SEEN THEM ON THE AIR. WOW! Common Nintendo! If you want to get in the game now is the time. They should have done these adds a few months ago, with Rayman to show that its better on Wii U.

Jagsrock1742d ago

I saw it multiple times just last night. Especially on usa while watching modern family.

thomasmiller1742d ago

just saw the new nintendo direct and it just wasn't 3ds!! the wiiu showed 10 things about mario 3d, there are shooter stages, mario kart stages and you get to play as Rosaleena, form the mario galaxy name, I know I misspelled her name, but who cares??? THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MARIO GAME!!Famitsu gave it a 38 out of 40!! great score, the same as Mario Galaxy, and the GOLD coin train was awesome!! cannot wait for this game!!