YouTube on Xbox One: Google statement on lack of launch app

Earlier this week Microsoft announced the official "launch window" lineup for TV and entertainment apps on Xbox One. Two glaring omissions were Australian TV subscription service Foxtel and YouTube. Google responds.

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mhunterjr1775d ago

Google is sitting out both Sony and MS launch... Perhaps salty to see those 2 succeeding where it has failed... The living room.

It's a shame too, because YouTube w/ smartglass concept was proven to work well on 360.

OrangePowerz1774d ago

Well, Youtube might still work with the browsers.

mikeslemonade1774d ago

^funny bubble up for mhunterjr

That's funny about Google. For once google isn't #1 one day. The Mac guys must feel left out too.

hakeem09961774d ago

Google makes enough money to not give a damn what Sony and MS are doing ,the only reason the app is not available is because its probably not done .No jealousy there Google is worth More than them at this point .they printing money with Android.

P0werVR1774d ago

Devices/tech need to take over the living room and take it away from TV providers. They are a cause of stagnation not only in media/social media service but also internet. Only through consoles can this happen. IF consoles become more relevant/prevalent, we will see some very innovative things happen and a higher demand for faster internet speeds.

Love how Google fiber is setting a tone for the coming decade. Wish they can bring some of that love here in Silicon Valley...WHERE THEY'RE FROM!

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SuperBlur1775d ago

"We’re always working on new and better ways for people to enjoy YouTube content across all screens"

I view this as something positive. Let's be honest here , the youtube app on either ps3 and 360 was decent but could've been so much better if done properly.

MidnytRain1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

The YouTube app was cancer. Has everyone forgotten how Sony and YouTube tried to lock people out of the YouTube web page and force us to use their s****y app? The one, afaik, was slow, missing normal features, and made us cycle through the entire alphabet to select a letter for searching?

SpinalRemains1381774d ago

L1 R1 skipped 6 letters with each press in case u ever have to use it again.

I'm not defending the app. It was hot garbage, but it did function and you didn't really have to scroll thru alphabet.

Thehyph1774d ago

I use it every day. Sure, it's a terrible app, but the remote pairing works flawlessly.

I'm a little upset that there's no native app off the hop on ps4.

However, if Google starts shipping chromecast internationally, then I don't need YouTube on my ps4.

Rainstorm811774d ago

remote pairing to a tablet or smart phone is definitely the way to way to use the youtube app

Jeedai Infidel1774d ago

It would be cool if they could make it so it adds videos based on games we play. For instance, play Forza and then any racing game video gets added as they are released.

GmIsOnPt3601774d ago

YouTube works via browser it's already been shown on Xbox one and ps4 supports flash player as well so not a big deal really

yarbie10001774d ago

Yeah, this was the biggest disappointment for me when looking at the apps.

Like another user suggested, i'm sure we can use the browsers. But the app was really nice. It is really the main one I use - but hopefully if there is a delay, they can upgrade the old one. There was a lot of info you couldn't see on the app...fingers crossed.

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The story is too old to be commented.