Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Map List Spotted, Includes 5 New Weapons

MP1st - "Launching in only a few short weeks, Battlefield 4 Premium members can look forward to four massive new maps, all-new vehicles, and high-tech military equipment in the game’s first proper multiplayer expansion, China Rising.

An allegedly leaked image of the Spanish Battlefield 4 Premium website sent to us my MP1st reader Mechcell appears to list the name of all four maps and reveals that 5 new weapons are also included as part of the DLC."

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oof461680d ago I guess China Rising isn't a remake of old Bf2 maps. Hmmm....

FunkMacNasty1680d ago

No China Rising is an expansion pack themed on BF4's conflict theatre. I do believe one of the map packs being released containes "fan favorites" from BF3.

oof461679d ago

Second Strike.

What I was referring to is a lot of old school Bf fans were excited watching the first trailers because it looked like China Rising was remade Bf2 maps.

kratoz12091680d ago

its so annyoing when games release map DLC :(

Strongmad1680d ago

I rather have Maps than hats

DarthJay1680d ago

Yeah, I hate it when Devs keep a game fresh and alive and try to keep people interested post-launch. It's terrible!