Mark Cerny Talks About the Future of the PS4 and His Own, Mentions Making the Console Cheaper

PlayStation 4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny is the man that probably knows the best about the future of the PS4, yet it looks like he’s still a bit unsure on what the future holds for his new brainchild.

He did mention making it cheaper, though, which is always a good thing.

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Blaze9291739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

im sorry but i dont get why you people praise him as a gawd. What exactly has he done that makes him so great and has earned such respect that it's all seem to maybe bow down to him if you ever met. Like, I can see that. I must be missing it :-/


sevilha821739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Well,judging by your comment i have to say that either you´re new to videogaming or just a little kid or both because someone that does not know what Mark Cerny has done in the past for the wonderfull world of videogames can only be new to this.

Hopping you´re old enough to know how to read, here...

I dont know about you but that´s one hell of a resumee.

Blaze9291739d ago

@sevilha82 thanks, but this is the internet. It's not hard to google and land on wikipedia. But from all that, i still don't get what makes him so great. Looks like he was just your average game programmer who recently just caught a big break...

or am i wrong?

sevilha821739d ago

Average???the man developed and imagined one of the most powerfull consoles ever built Sony ceo´s have an amazing trust in the guy,can you imagine how good you have to be for a bunch of white colars trust you their money,and we all know how white collars love their money...

it´s not about prazing the man is about how you are underapreciate the amazing job that he as done since well,since i was a little boy back in the eighteys...

XboxFun1739d ago

Well Blaze they can't put Hideo Kojima up there on god status anymore, so now they need a new hero. And your right, he hasn't done anything ground breaking in the past and it seems each one of his franchises either died or was sold off.
I bet if you dig into the archives of N4G no one even knew this guy by name, let alone praise him.

But now, it seems out of no where this man is now the second coming of Robot Jesus.

yellowgerbil1739d ago

They guy was hired in at Atari making games at 17 years old. Nuff said about his prolific career

fenome1739d ago


He's been making video games since he was 17. He knows how to code, he's been developing video games that I loved growing up.

Back then do even grasp what it took to make a game? Even the most basic game that you could make back then is just full of string tangents and pages upon pages of code. It was so much harder back then. There weren't even game engines to take advantage of back then. You had to do EVERYTHING by hand from scratch. Not fun, but it's crazy to see something that starts off as pages of gibberish turn into something physical on screen. There's nothing quite like it. But I got off topic...

We respect him because he's not just a mascot, he's been an actual part of this since back in the day. He's not a paid spokesman, he's a gamer, a game maker, and a game changer. Same with Shuhei Yoshida, he was behind Legends of Dragoon which was another one of my favorite games. They're industry certified, not just some guy talking about stuff.

They know the ins and outs of actually creating a videogame. They're not just just some PR guy out there talking and getting paid. You can listen to "Major Nelson" and "Albert" and "Don" and whoever you want all you want, but at the end of the day what games have they made???

Magicite1739d ago

Just look at this: AND tell me what do YOU see!!!

evenstar1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


Creepy huh?

Overlooking your obvious lack of grammar, spelling, and punctuation leaves me with little to say but, here it is. Mark Cerny has WRITTEN games that make developing for the PS3 look easy. Nobody is revering him as a GOD. He is a respected name in the gaming community who has just taken a step into the spotlight with the PS4 and Knack (and I figure it took a lot of asking on Sony's part to get him into the spotlight.) He is respected because he wrote the games that a lot of people on this site played growing up. We weren't raised on basic, repetitive games like Call of Duty. We were raised on platformers, RPG's, and such... Cerny wrote a game that echoes when gaming was fun. It wasn't all about FPS and that is why he is RESPECTED not revered as a GOD.

Happy Gaming :)

Hicken1739d ago

You say you don't get it, Blaze, but it's pretty evident you didn't even try to get it, and have no intention of doing so.

He's been a part of the industry for longer than most gamers today have been playing, hell, longer than most around this site have been alive. He was a key figure in some of the best titles to come out of the PlayStation arsenal. It's obvious he knows his stuff, and with the PS4, he brought all that knowledge and experience to bear in a console designed for gaming.

And yeah, it's got all the multimedia bells and whistles, but it's so painfully clear that gaming was the main focus that I can't really fathom the people that try to twist it to appear otherwise(I get the feeling you're in this group, honestly).

Cerny's not a god or anything, but his dedication to quality in the gaming industry does deserve respect. Cuz, unlike many others these days, he wasn't hired to talk up games and consoles, but to MAKE them.

Blaze9291739d ago

so the "great" Cerny is the guy behind Knack? The ones getting terrible reviews? This doesn't help my understanding

Hicken1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Of course not. Because, like the fanboy you are, you just ignored every other thing everyone has talked about.

You are a fanboy. Your understanding goes only as far as your fanboy reasoning will allow. And that's not far, because as a fanboy, you can't allow things from the other side to make sense.

Who cares if Cerny's been making games for 30 years?

Who cares if he's worked on enough games to correspond to each of those thirty years?

Who cares that he's been programmer, producer, and/or designer in well-known and loved franchises such as Sonic, Spyro, Crash, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Uncharted, and even Killzone and God of War?

Who cares that be brought all that development experience- and tapped that of countless others- together for the creation of the PS4?

Forget all that. The only thing that connects in Blaze's brain is that he directed Knack, which has seen mediocre reviews.

That level of willful ignorance is pretty amazing, in and of itself.

Edit: Sans a 4 and a 3, Knack's been getting average reviews. Kinda not the same as terrible.

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Magicite1739d ago

It begins...the Age of Cerny!

Aleithian1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Every gamer should raise a toast to this man on November 15th.

HaveAsandwich1739d ago

everyone needs to get together somewhere, and toast to him sometime on the 15th, online. could be epic.

Aleithian1739d ago

THAT is a good idea. In fact, I hereby suggest that those of you attending midnight launches for the PS4 take a moment to toast him on camera. Even if you just raise your hand and say thank you, record it on a smart phone, and post it on the twitter or fb or youtubes. That would be really meaningful and I bet he'd appreciate it. We could make this a national thing.

Langkasuka1739d ago

@Alethian and @HaveAsandwich

If you start a twitter campaign #Toast2Cerny or #ThankYouSony, I'll join that :3

1739d ago
Boody-Bandit1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I just got in from my trip to Target with my 6 shiny new PS4 games. I'm heading down to my gaming room to place these bad boys on the shelf next to my entertainment center. My bar is in the same room so I will raise a glass to Cerny while I'm placing my new preciouses on the shelf and say, "Salute to you Cerny"


BobbytheBuilder1739d ago

when he mentioned making it cheaper, im pretty sure he meant making it easier for sony to manufacture

Abriael1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Cheaper for Sony ultimately means cheaper for the consumer as well.

It's not in Sony's interest to keep the difference between cost and price high. Lower price means more sales. Mole sales lead to higher installed base, that means more developers jumping on board, and with them, more royalties rolling in, and again more sales.

Sony has a history of dropping price as soon as they manage to drop cost.

jukins1739d ago

its most certainly IS in Sony's interest to keep the difference between cost and price high because in the end they're here to make money. This is not a negative comment towards sony but just a realistic business world view.

sidenote: LESS THAN 3 DAYS TILL PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abriael1739d ago

@jukins: the largest percentage of console gains aren't made by selling consoles. They're made by selling games and grabbing royalties on them. More consoles out, mean more games sold.

Also, the future of making money with consoles, especially for Sony that has started this just recently, is by selling additional services like PlayStation plus.

Guess what? A large percentage of the PS4 out there will turn into a nice monthly/threemontly/annual fee coming in with PS Plus. Do you think they prefer making a few bucks more with selling the consoles, or a lot more bucks by getting more subscribers, plus royalties?

mhunterjr1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

gotta disagree with you there. From a business stand point, Sony owes it to themselves to maintain a little markup with this product. In an effort to undercut MS, they are in a situation where they are losing a bit on each console sale. The rest of the company is depending on the gaming arm to rescue it. If Sony can maintain demand, and cut production costs, they'd most certainly like to keep the price at $400 for as long as possible to turn an easy profit.

You ask would they prefer making a little per console or a lot per subscription/royalty... The answer is, they would like to have it both ways.

Your comments about gains not coming from console sales is from an old business model. Sony and MS both made conscious efforts this time to release machines that will cross the break even mark early much earlier in the generation.

jukins1739d ago

no no I understand all that I know a large chunk comes from royalties and all that but to say its not in Sony's interest to not make profit of the console itself is just wrong.

Like I said Sony is a company the more money they can make off the console itself the better. Again im not knocking sony im just saying the truth. If you can tell me one good reason why sony would not want to make profit of hardware along with all the services please inform me.

Abriael1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Companies don't think in those terms. They don't think in "we want to make this much money with the console, this much with the games, and this much money with the additional services."

They think in terms of platform, and Sony has been showing more and more to be doing just that. The console, the royalty with games, PlayStation plus, and every form of income that is part of the "Platform" is counted in.

As long as the platform as a whole is profitable (potentially very profitable) it matters very little if one of the elements of it is not.

Kotick is a bit*h, but he's not stupid. If he believes that we'll see quicker price drops this generation, I'm quite sure he has a good idea on why too.

Persistantthug1739d ago


You're a bit mistaken.
All Playstations have been launched with THE RAZOR BLADE BUSINESS MODEL, PS4 included.

Wiki that if you need more info.

But yeah, the idea, especially early on, is to get as many consoles in homes as possible, even if it means taking a loss on the console itself.
It's even more effective today as there's more sales opps other than just game software and accessories, such as PSN+.

Sony will want to keep PS4 margins as close to razor thin as possible for quite a while.
That's how it works.

Computersaysno1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

It will be cheaper to make really soon if they get the main chip onto the newest 20 nanometre production node by spring 2014.

If they already have a design sorted for that node and they get it done as soon as possible they will make the console a lot cheaper for them to build within 6 months of it getting on the shelves

jukins1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

@persistantthug how am i mistaken in stating that sony would rather make money off the console?

yes they may be doing the usual console launch strat of losing on consoles to make up elsewhere but i guarantee they will be turning a profit, while keeping consumers happy price wise, much faster on this console than any gen before and thats where they would rather be.

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s8anicslayer1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Good going mark

Abriael1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Indeed :D

MisfitsInc1739d ago

the man is great, a bit creepy (might be a serial killer secretly), but great.

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