Switch Galaxy Ultra Delayed

In somewhat sad news developers Atomicom have revealed that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita title Switch Galaxy Ultra has been delayed to early 2014.

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Mister_Dawg1656d ago

Must be really hard to program for.
Is the PS4 a PS3 in a new box?


Get some!

nosferatuzodd1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

try harder troll better to delay than rush and release half the game and get the other half after its already out not going to mention any name but i think you get the picture

Mister_Dawg1656d ago

Troll? hahahahaha.

Sense of humour you have not :P

chrissx1656d ago

I'm always in favour of a game being delayed and well polished than being rushed and not good quality. This is prolly for the best.