PS4: Mark Cerny Interview

Scott Lowe sits down with Mark Cerny to discuss the Sony's next generation console

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Destrania1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

A couple lame questions imo, but overall a decent interview. I would love to meet and talk with Mark Cerny. Knack day one. Love live play!

Orange1776d ago

Like, Scott, like, Lowe, like, interviews, like, Mark, like, Cerny, like.

Bathyj1776d ago

Thats like, a mechanism so like, your brain can like, catch up to your mouth.

TheFallenAngel1776d ago

Somebody ask shu or cerny about when is Antonio Banderas will be in commercials?

Destrania1776d ago

That would be so funny.

1776d ago
Donnywholovedbowling1775d ago

Me: "Hey Mark, what made you choose SATA II over SATA III, I mean SATA III has been the standard since March of 2009 and has double the data rates, why wouldn't you have used that in the PS4, it just seems like such an obvious choice?"

Mark: "........."

Me: "Yeah that's what I thought. So tell everyone about how much of genius you are..."