The pros and cons to both digital and physical games

Sam Patel of Level Complete shares his words of wisdom on the pros and cons of both Digital and Physical copies of games

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ThatBrownGUy1741d ago

Gotta love those collectors editions.

rela82me1741d ago

The obvious pro for xbox users for digital downloads is the fact you can switch between them very fast without the need of the disc.

Finch1741d ago

Agreed, this is the first generation I want to go all digital just for that reason. Yet on the other hand. I have never traded in none of my games hard copy until the very end of a Gen. Just to put it in to buying the next thing. It has always came out paying for the system afew games and extras like controller or what not. Now going digital only I will not be able to do this next generation for the first time in 20plus years I been gaming.

Section81741d ago

Physical is the only way to go.

Omegasyde1741d ago

Agreed. Especially now that games are getting bigger in size.

The standard hard drive space for the consoles is ~420GB (estimated 80 for OS etc).

Let's say most retail or AAA games are now ~ 40gigs. You divide the 420 / 40 and That's only 10.5 games that can fit on your HDD (unless you delete them or buy more storage).

Sure, you can delete the game, but then when you want to play it again, you have to download 40gigs which can take hours (some even days). I rather take the 1 minute and eject the game out of the console and swap in another game.

Let alone, you can sell/trade/lend the physical games.

SegaGamer1740d ago

How anyone can disagree with you confuses me :p

Stringerbell1741d ago

I'm a collector and I dont entertain the idea of owning a digital copy of anything. Once gaming goes entirely digital, I guess I will be done with this as a hobby.

UnrealThreats1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I like holding a game in my hands. Who wouldn't want the pleasure of unwrapping the game and rubbing it up and down your face while smelling the fresh plastic (I'm not the only one who does this, right?). I dont care about the Midnight Launches, they are pretty damn fun at the gamestop/best buy near my place. Its like a damn party.

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