SSR Ep 59: Tiny Death Star is pretty dull & is renting games now a thing of the past?

+WB Humble Bundle ain't too shabby

+Blizzcon happened apparently?

+Blockbuster is done

+Final Fantasy, Dragon's Dogma and Tiny Death Star

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SpinalRemains1381858d ago


Renting saves thousands of dollars a year.

I'm not rich. Maybe you are?

piffyd1858d ago

for me honestly, blockbuster and gamefly are the last things that even make consoles make sense, at least I could pay a cheap monthly and try a ton of games

there is ZERO chance of me buying a $400-$500 console, PAYING twice to use my internet to the tune of another $400-$500 for 7-8 years of the life cycle and then BUYING $65 games that after I am done with are worth virtually nothing


I'll just stay on pc, game a full generation ahead of ps4/xbox1 and but $1 humble bundles that come with 5 games

steam sales
amazon downloads

backwards compatibility going back to the freaking 1970's

free mods that are better than 90% of console exclusives

and maybe, MAYBE when sony and ms wake up, and make their inferior machines actually priced correctly

for $200 and free online, then yeah.... I guess I'll grab one

MikeGdaGod1858d ago

PS3 has the highest rated exclusives this current gen. by playing only on PC, you only hurt yourself.

cyclindk1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Blockbuster's defunct a$$ needs to get an app up and running on Xbox One and PS4 and have DOWNLOADABLE rentals for games.

Be especially easy regardless of the current immense download sizes due in large part to the "play as you install" features. Dollar a day is the way.

MikeGdaGod1858d ago

I've played tons of games this gen thanks to Gamefly, and it will be the same next i'd say no