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Despite the title, this game will be seen and heard by millions. Activision flew me out to checkout the lastest installent in the yearly Call of Duty life cycle, developed by Infinity Ward, Neversoft, and Raven. A new IP, Ghosts, brings familiar core principles with some fresh ideas and new ways to experience CoD.

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Bigpappy1711d ago

I like new. I hate when the fan base demands more of the same. It makes people like me who is always look for the next great experience, move away for the franchise. Some people are excited with a fresh coat of paint. I like a fresh coat of paint too, but I get excited with a full remodeling. Make that room look completely different and I will have a big grin for months, each time I walk in.

sincitysir11711d ago

they bought him out. a free flight? yeah this review is really real ;]

solidt121711d ago

He started the review off stating they flew him out.. Of course its gonna get a good review. :/

DrRobotnik1711d ago

Yeah, cause if it was a truthful review, he would be walking back home.

cyhm31121711d ago

so many 9/10 for the xbone version but not other versions, haha, xbox really have lots of fans!! /s

GamingFan11711d ago

I could care less as I'm not a call of duty fan.....but around here it seems to be like this.

XB1 good review...fanboy or whatever.
XB1 bad review.....the truth.

Its rather funny

Ashby_JC1711d ago

there is no way at 720 it should be any good!! /s

sincitysir11711d ago

its not that its that they flew this guy out. no matter what platform its foolish to say that and expect people to believe ur unbiased. this has nothing to do with it being on xbox but i believe what ur saying is a generalization right? is so then continue on ur way good sir

Bigpappy1711d ago

So why is this skepticism is only reserved for Xbox games?

Shadonic1711d ago

true but still from what ive heard the game has huge issues and it sucks the only praise I see coming from the huge COD nuts out is that there glad its out not with how it plays and stuff.

b-dash1711d ago

These are score to justify $500.
Nobody pays $500 if the same as others

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