EGM Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Next-Gen)

Even a billion-dollar franchise like Call of Duty feels pressure sometimes, and this year’s entry, Call of Duty: Ghosts, probably had even more than usual. Fans were concerned about Infinity Ward stepping away from the Modern Warfare series and introducing something new—not to mention rival Battlefield 4 raising the stakes on next-gen with 32-on-32 multiplayer.

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imt5581682d ago

Not a single word about framedrops! Odd.

XboxFun1682d ago

7.5 rating and you're concern is the framedrops??

I guess...

MRMagoo1231682d ago

whats wrong with a 7.5? will 7.5 be a concern when ppl review Ryse and give it 5 or 6 ?

5 is an average game, a bad game would be a 3 or 2 maybe even a 4 but 7.5 isnt bad. If Ryse gets a 5 or a 7.5 i will think "well the games average, looks pretty and must be ok to play".

Belking1682d ago

I knew this game wasn't gonna score high. When it was announced that it was 1080p everyone focused on that, forgetting that 1080p offers no advantages and increases the chance of a performance hit. Sony really needs to rethink their mandated policy for 1080p games on their console.

GuruMeditation1682d ago

#1 1080p does have advantages #2 there would be a performance hit, but on a game like COD, it really shouldn't happen at all #3 Sony doesn't 'mandate' 1080p. I'm sure it's a target, but they most certainly aren't forcing any devs to achieve that. So, you know, try harder king of bells.

imt5581682d ago

Wrong! Sony's policy for 1080p is no reason. Reason is that PS4 is capable for 1080p.

B-radical1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Infinity ward got lazy on both versions thats all there is to it

MRMagoo1231682d ago

All versions even pc, but to be fair to them , they are spread out across 6 platforms it really cant be easy to get all that done for release, maybe they should have just pulled back launch for next gen and concentrated on the older platforms first then finished off the next gen ones when they could use the whole team on them.

buynit1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I never heard of sony mandating that... Its not sony or 1080p's fault that the game isnt great its acti. fault they are the ones that have given up on the game..

Ju1682d ago

It didn't get the rating for being 1080, dou...but for being the same ol'.

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BABY-JEDI1682d ago

I'm not a fan of COD. The review score here is purely down to the franchise being the same as it always has been. It looks good, but the gameplay & perks system hasn't really moved on in the reviewers opinion. As for blaming the 1080p resolution. Belking your just plain dumb. I know exactly what your up to troll boy.