Opinion: Why I still look forward to a new Call of Duty

Polygon - "Jumping into a new Call of Duty still gives me that fluttery feeling of anticipation I used to get when I knew I was going to start another school year."

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Onehandband1t1707d ago

You guys NEED to hear what this guy has to say, He is a legend

lets_go_gunners1707d ago

Lets wait on Treyarch/Sledgehammers new game. Maybe that will be better seeing as how I have no intention of buying ghost.

Remy_S1707d ago

I hope they'll use a new engine, but its doubtful.

FITgamer1706d ago

Well they are releasing another one next year so highly unlikely they'd build a new engine in a year. Unless they've secretly been working on one already.

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