What Is Best Buy Doing To Keep Gamers Safe At Next-Gen Launch Events?

Dylan Zellmer of iGR writes: "I have an inquisitive mind. That's why I reached out to my local retailer to ask them how they're planning to keep gamers safe during next-gen midnight launch events."

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C-H-E-F1775d ago

And putting this information ONLINE for thieves to see is a good idea? You're putting MORE people at risk with an article detailing such flaws. smh I swear people don't think nowadays.

EBTpickle1775d ago

@C-H-E-F I was really hoping that bringing this to the attention of gamers would empower them to demand better from retailers and for said retailers to respond with better information.

C-H-E-F1775d ago

Granted, I see your intentions are good, but with those intentions you have to look at the fallout of that article. What if this article goes viral, or has plenty of spin-off articles? Then it'll be easily accessible to criminals as well as those who will be waiting in line agreeing with you suggesting change. Seeing that it's 2days (midnight release) before this HUGE event, I doubt corporate will do anything now perhaps for future launches. I think this is an article that should have been prepared months before not days before the release to give corporate time to change and adjust to the new system.

Deltaguy1775d ago

i pre ordered at best buy worst mistake ever..i already paid off my xbox one from gamestop ..i wish i could have paid off my ps4 over time..will never reorder from best buy again...

FamilyGuy1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Here's a thought you may not be considering:

Them not telling you their plans might be part of the protection/security. Why let people know about how they're handling securing just so a potential thief could evaluate it and come up with a plan to counter it?

In my city there's usually a couple cops, actual deputies, hanging out during these midnight launches at every location rather than doing their typical nightly routes. They come around during black friday as well and their presence alone helps keep the peace and ward off some potential thieves.

Anyway, I'm just saying if I was planning to rob people at one of these events knowing the level of security would only help me plan it better so I'm somewhat glad that they aren't just telling people that inquire about it.

Demobot1775d ago

Just what any self respecting American would do and bring a gun.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1775d ago glock 31 will be keeping me safe.

TotalSynthesisX1775d ago

That's why I don't bother going to midnight releases for consoles. I'd rather avoid all of the chaos and just pick it up in the morning.

SITH1775d ago

I don't blame you. I have heard about plenty of stories of people getting their games and/or money jacked. Usually there is police protection, but I have been to numerous midnight launches were there was none.

I have personally only witnessed a heated argument. Nothing life threatening or violent. Does not mean I don't put my concealed carry to use.

SITH1775d ago

I have a safety feature in place. It is named FN Five-Seven and has 20 ballistic tipped friends inside.

jhoward5851775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I really think there outta be some safety measures in place on launch day b/c ps4/x1 are very hot items.

I fear that the parking lots are going to be filled with thugs/criminals waiting for someone to prey on.

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The story is too old to be commented.