Xbox One - Dallas Area One Event Recap

Microsoft released a video recap from the Area One event in Dallas.

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dansdooz1707d ago

These events never look that busy? Can someone confirm whos attended if they do?

awesomeisjayell1707d ago

Yes they are i attended the one in Atlanta and it was packed theres a lot more xbox one fans than people think don't count the X1 out.

dansdooz1707d ago

Thats cool, just never looks that busy in the vids, im there day 1!

atlys1707d ago

I was actually at the Dallas event on its second day and it was packed. My wife and I got to the event about 30 minutes early to make sure we'd get in during the first session and there were easily 100 people in line when we got there. We played as much as we wanted for about 1 1/2 hours before we left. Some games we had to wait to play like bf4, killer instinct, ryse, etc. They were actually turning people away when we left because they were about to go to lunch before they started their second play session of the day. Like @awesomeisjayell said, don't count the Xb1 out cause there are more people than you think that are fans of it.

lastofgen1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

It was pretty packed when I went to one in the north, though I couldn't get my hands on killer instinct as there were a ton of people waiting to play that game.