12 Minutes of PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall In Fantastic High Resolution Direct Feed Video

There are only a few days left before many will be able to play Killzone: Shadow Fall, and to make the wait a little easier, here’s a new and action packed gameplay video.

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EXVirtual1492d ago

This is YT, a site that compresses vids to crap, but KZSF still looks amazing. It'll look even better on a 1080p TV.

rajman1492d ago

Watch it @ 1440p and be amazed :)

kiz26941492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

It really is amazing at 1440p, sadly my shitty internet speed jsut cant keep up :/

Also are you Rajman.. as in the uploader?

Computersaysno1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Looks like a decent PC game. Its got pretty good image quality, decent anti aliasing, nice bells and whistles. Framerate could be a bit better in places but it IS a launch game and it doesn't crumble like some other launch titles on the new consoles.

I'm not mindblown because thats all I play for years now, but compared to 360 and PS3 720p or less and jagfests, its a big leap.

It is a proper next gen looking shooter that existing consoles couldn't hope to get near.

PS4 is going to have some sweet looking games once more developers get their hands on it

kiz26941491d ago


Its actually quite nice to see a nice positive honest opinion from a pc gamer with good analysis and knowledge. Well said good sir.

webeblazing1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

yea this is the 1st time a pc gamer said that without getting bashed to death. people been saying this for the longest but fanboys gets all defensive nevermind I leave it.

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rajman1492d ago

@ kiz2694
Indeed I am :)

kiz26941492d ago

:O Your awesome dude! your video uploads recently have been great! early footage of nearly all the upcoming next gen games, you have made the wait for Next gen so much easier, keep it up man seriously!

GarrusVakarian1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Keep on doing what you are doing man, you make the wait a little easier :) This game looks so awesome, even on a youtube video. My TV is ready.

EXVirtual1492d ago

Whoa.... You're stuff is awesome! Keep doing what you're doing! And yeah, I'll watch in 1440p.

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TheFanboySlayer1492d ago

I streamed this on my 1080p tv lol it looks sooo good!

Angels37851491d ago

Whats funny is it'll look even better once its decompressed and playing locally on the ps4 :)

Volkama1491d ago

I thought it looked crisp but kind of sterile and boring. Then they started shooting stuff, and suddenly it was a lot more impressive.

I wasn't planning to pick this up as I haven't really got along with previous Killzone games, but it does look like a decent showpiece game for the console so now I might just.

Edsword1491d ago

You know what, I'm looking at this video and I see very, very few jaggies. They are practically not there. Even thin objects in the distance have a little aliasing, but it's hardly noticeable. Yes, graphics do matter, this game looks gorgeous. Love the foliage on the rocks, so much detail.

AndrewLB1491d ago

The lack of jaggies is due to a post processing filter like FXAA which reduces jaggies and as seen in the video, reduces texture sharpness and detail.

andrewsqual1491d ago

These videos are all up on Sony's Press Center website. It is B Roll raw footage that is not allowed to be put up in raw form.
And these idiots put it up on Youtube of all places, destroy the 60fps original file (which it is) and call it exclusive lol.

snipermk01491d ago

How is this "Exclusive" if it was filmed by an independent youtuber? Man, the word exclusive has been thrown around way too much this gen.

Docknoss1491d ago

Reviews aren't looking very good

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angelsx1492d ago

How to watch it in 1440p?

Blastoise1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Click the cog on the video player, press Auto(360p) (or whatever is there) and scroll up and select it

My laptop can't even handle it lol, oh dear

PR_FROM_OHIO1492d ago

Damn this looks amazing!!!!

WeedyOne1490d ago

Yeah it does!

I wish someone would do a comparison of Killzone 3 with Killzone Shadowfall. What better way to show of the evolution of gaming?!? I'm actually kind of surprised no one has yet...


im going to get alot of disagrees but this game doesnt look all that. its clunky and unoriginal. see through walls? well.....aint that fun. man i loved 2 and i thought 3 was decent, but ill pass. there is one more copy available for yall. disagrees , peace out

Kyosuke_Sanada1492d ago

Another shooter about shooting, damn them right?


nah man i love shooters. there are no detail besides graphics. i guess my 30 years of gaming ive seen it all :) but the through wall thing is bs. i remember the killzone 2 cgi video years ago, seemed to be a vision there that could have been a focused on. its cool though, love ps4 and im glad folks are excited for this. im hard to please lately

Belking1492d ago

The frame rate is pretty unsteady. The grenade effects look pretty last gen too. Overall looks good though.

Angels37851492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


scott1821491d ago

Looks better than anything else shown so far on consoles...

Sevir1491d ago

Your computer cant handle the 1080p stream from youtube or the 1440p, as its high bitrate.

but ofcourse, we know youre just trolling since you have nothing better to do

Edsword1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Because bullets don't go through walls? I mean, sure they didn't have to do the locator thing, but I'm going to guess there is good reason for it. You are one guy taking on lots of enemies. There is no back up in most of this game. My guess is you'll need some sort of advantage. I personally like the more tactical shooters myself. KZ2 and KZ3, tactical they were not, even though I still think they were great games. This reminds me of Crysis 2, which I thought was a blast, except, to me at least, this looks a lot better (gameplay wise, graphics goes without saying). Crysis 2 suffered from abysmally dull AI, the game could literally be beat even on the hardest levels by exploiting it. From what I have heard KZ SF enemies are smart, fast, and sneaky. The AI will make or break this game.