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12 Minutes of PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall In Fantastic High Resolution Direct Feed Video

There are only a few days left before many will be able to play Killzone: Shadow Fall, and to make the wait a little easier, here’s a new and action packed gameplay video. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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EXVirtual  +   502d ago
This is YT, a site that compresses vids to crap, but KZSF still looks amazing. It'll look even better on a 1080p TV.
rajman  +   502d ago
Watch it @ 1440p and be amazed :)
kiz2694  +   502d ago
It really is amazing at 1440p, sadly my shitty internet speed jsut cant keep up :/

Also are you Rajman.. as in the uploader?
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Computersaysno  +   502d ago | Well said
Looks like a decent PC game. Its got pretty good image quality, decent anti aliasing, nice bells and whistles. Framerate could be a bit better in places but it IS a launch game and it doesn't crumble like some other launch titles on the new consoles.

I'm not mindblown because thats all I play for years now, but compared to 360 and PS3 720p or less and jagfests, its a big leap.

It is a proper next gen looking shooter that existing consoles couldn't hope to get near.

PS4 is going to have some sweet looking games once more developers get their hands on it
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kiz2694  +   502d ago

Its actually quite nice to see a nice positive honest opinion from a pc gamer with good analysis and knowledge. Well said good sir.
webeblazing  +   501d ago
yea this is the 1st time a pc gamer said that without getting bashed to death. people been saying this for the longest but fanboys gets all defensive nevermind I leave it.
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rajman  +   502d ago
@ kiz2694
Indeed I am :)
ABeastNamedTariq  +   502d ago
kiz2694  +   502d ago
:O Your awesome dude! your video uploads recently have been great! early footage of nearly all the upcoming next gen games, you have made the wait for Next gen so much easier, keep it up man seriously!
Lukas_Japonicus  +   502d ago
Keep on doing what you are doing man, you make the wait a little easier :) This game looks so awesome, even on a youtube video. My TV is ready.
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EXVirtual  +   502d ago
Whoa.... You're stuff is awesome! Keep doing what you're doing! And yeah, I'll watch in 1440p.
TheFanboySlayer  +   502d ago
I streamed this on my 1080p tv lol it looks sooo good!
Angels3785  +   502d ago
Whats funny is it'll look even better once its decompressed and playing locally on the ps4 :)
callahan09  +   502d ago
Incredible. Beautiful.
Volkama  +   502d ago
I thought it looked crisp but kind of sterile and boring. Then they started shooting stuff, and suddenly it was a lot more impressive.

I wasn't planning to pick this up as I haven't really got along with previous Killzone games, but it does look like a decent showpiece game for the console so now I might just.
Edsword  +   502d ago
You know what, I'm looking at this video and I see very, very few jaggies. They are practically not there. Even thin objects in the distance have a little aliasing, but it's hardly noticeable. Yes, graphics do matter, this game looks gorgeous. Love the foliage on the rocks, so much detail.
AndrewLB  +   501d ago
The lack of jaggies is due to a post processing filter like FXAA which reduces jaggies and as seen in the video, reduces texture sharpness and detail.
andrewsqual  +   501d ago
These videos are all up on Sony's Press Center website. It is B Roll raw footage that is not allowed to be put up in raw form.
And these idiots put it up on Youtube of all places, destroy the 60fps original file (which it is) and call it exclusive lol.
snipermk0  +   501d ago
How is this "Exclusive" if it was filmed by an independent youtuber? Man, the word exclusive has been thrown around way too much this gen.
Docknoss  +   501d ago
Reviews aren't looking very good
angelsx  +   502d ago
How to watch it in 1440p?
Blastoise  +   502d ago
Click the cog on the video player, press Auto(360p) (or whatever is there) and scroll up and select it

My laptop can't even handle it lol, oh dear
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   502d ago
All on PS4.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   502d ago
Damn this looks amazing!!!!
WeedyOne  +   501d ago
Yeah it does!

I wish someone would do a comparison of Killzone 3 with Killzone Shadowfall. What better way to show of the evolution of gaming?!? I'm actually kind of surprised no one has yet...
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   502d ago
im going to get alot of disagrees but this game doesnt look all that. its clunky and unoriginal. see through walls? well.....aint that fun. man i loved 2 and i thought 3 was decent, but ill pass. there is one more copy available for yall. disagrees , peace out
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   502d ago
Another shooter about shooting, damn them right?
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   502d ago
nah man i love shooters. there are no detail besides graphics. i guess my 30 years of gaming ive seen it all :) but the through wall thing is bs. i remember the killzone 2 cgi video years ago, seemed to be a vision there that could have been a focused on. its cool though, love ps4 and im glad folks are excited for this. im hard to please lately
Belking  +   502d ago
The frame rate is pretty unsteady. The grenade effects look pretty last gen too. Overall looks good though.
Angels3785  +   502d ago

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scott182  +   502d ago
Looks better than anything else shown so far on consoles...
Sevir  +   502d ago
Your computer cant handle the 1080p stream from youtube or the 1440p, as its high bitrate.

but ofcourse, we know youre just trolling since you have nothing better to do
Edsword  +   502d ago
Because bullets don't go through walls? I mean, sure they didn't have to do the locator thing, but I'm going to guess there is good reason for it. You are one guy taking on lots of enemies. There is no back up in most of this game. My guess is you'll need some sort of advantage. I personally like the more tactical shooters myself. KZ2 and KZ3, tactical they were not, even though I still think they were great games. This reminds me of Crysis 2, which I thought was a blast, except, to me at least, this looks a lot better (gameplay wise, graphics goes without saying). Crysis 2 suffered from abysmally dull AI, the game could literally be beat even on the hardest levels by exploiting it. From what I have heard KZ SF enemies are smart, fast, and sneaky. The AI will make or break this game.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   502d ago
Are the walls made of graham crackers? XD
GusBricker  +   502d ago
WTF @ 2:07

The enemy got shot, turned and looked at the window as the player reloaded, then turned back as he was fired upon again.

bitboi  +   502d ago
that's what happens when u focus all the power of new consoles on graphics ;)
GusBricker  +   502d ago
Heh. Yeah, apparently it makes the AI suck.
finbars75  +   502d ago
Lets talk about Ryse if you want to talk about lack of power and all QTE the game has with wonky controlls. Funny how the AI is in Ryse compared to Killzone. Then you can talk about dumb AI.
Thepharaoh  +   502d ago
@ fin bars calm down nobody was even talking about ryse there's no need to get all defensive all because somebody is trashing a game you don't like.Simply look at them and walk away there's no need to trash other games to prove a point towards people who are trashing games
MrDead  +   502d ago
2:07 the enemy gets shot, staggers the second burst of fire misses and enemy goes into cover, AI seems fine.
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GusBricker  +   502d ago
Then explain how none of enemy react when your drone kills that one guy later on.

Bad AI is bad AI.

This is why I'm waiting for Infamous: Second Son to buy a PS4. Killzone just doesn't do it for me.
MrDead  +   502d ago

It's a long vid be more specific then that one guy, and if you can only find one instance of this do you think it’s enough to justify saying the AI in the entire game is bad?
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Ravenor  +   501d ago
Just watched the Giantbomb quicklook and there were plenty of instances where the AI reacted in a very robotic way. He was peppering them with a grenade launcher and they all just stood there.

There was also more than one instance of the Helghan focusing on the Owl, turning their back to you when you're standing right in front of them. These aren't issues that games like CoD and BF4 don't suffer, but don't pretend it's not there.

AI, Environment Interaction, environment size and ability to find your own path was something that had to improve with this new generation of consoles. Shadowfall is a good half step, the environments ARE bigger than anything in KZ2/3. It's a launch title, so I will hold onto the hope that all the launch titles aren't indicative of what we'll see in the years to come.
HammadTheBeast  +   502d ago

He got shot at, looked at the window for 1 second (literally), probably processing, and then ducked the next round and got into cover.

Not sure how this is bad AI...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   502d ago
WTF why am I having trouble running 1440P?
Computersaysno  +   502d ago
Youtube servers just suck is all.
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imt558  +   502d ago

kiz2694  +   502d ago
I am loving this gif at the moment, it literally is outstanding, every time I see it, just blows my mind all over again!
Lord_Frieza  +   502d ago
which game is that from?
imt558  +   502d ago
You're kidding, right?
RyanShutup  +   502d ago
That's Shadowfall I believe.
HammadTheBeast  +   502d ago
NeoTribe  +   501d ago
Kinect sports.
Plagasx  +   501d ago
Is that a real time sequence from the game??? because if it is..then mother of god O_O
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   502d ago
I am just glad that they are actually showing the "human" side (pedestrians and non-combat personnel) of the Helghast opposed to what was delivered in Killzone 3. I just wish they showed what happened to Luger and Hackah in this one.
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WorldGamer  +   502d ago
How do you know they don't? You play and beat the game already? If you did, you are very lucky.
bitboi  +   502d ago
Killzone is Killzone, this game doesn't look to make any new fans unless you already are one...
Edsword  +   502d ago
Can't disagree more, having play the previous entries this game looks vastly different. I would almost say this isn't quite a sequel but a reinvention of Killzone. Since it is a launch title all those 360 to ps4 owners, and thee are quite a few, will likely pick this up as well.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   502d ago
I'm a new fan (played Killzone 2 a little, but that is it) and this is the first game I'm getting for the PS4. The videos and story trailer won me over!
-shoryuken-  +   501d ago
To be honest I was a bit dissapointed when I saw futuristic environments and all the colors. I am a fan of Killzone 2. Loved the look of the game including the colors. I will have an open mind when I'm playing this as I do like Killzone a lot and the game looks good sp and mp, eventhough it does not share the same look.
BattleTorn  +   502d ago
In complete honest, I think that video just made up my mind on KZ Day1. (I was previously going to wait a bit)
RyanShutup  +   502d ago
Got my copy sitting next to me... first game I'm popping into my system Thursday night!
mcloving  +   502d ago
wow I just bought a ps4 at ebay for 600

so I went to gamestop today and got the last copy of killzone all the ps4 games were sold out except nba2k14
e-p-ayeaH  +   502d ago
holy sh1T
TBONEJF  +   502d ago
KILLZONE 5 IS FCKN SWEET! WHY BUY COD for the PS4 when this looks so damn good
assdan  +   502d ago
Can't wait to play this in 3 days, and see the true graphics!
iiorestesii  +   502d ago
Hopfully not the hardest difficulty setting
PSNrandom15  +   502d ago
As killzone shadow fall KILLs it DEAD rising 3 FALLS DEAD. As Killzone: shadow FALL RYSES Ryse:son of rome FALLS. Ummh I guess As Killzone:SHADOWfall has amazing SHADOWS and lighting FORZA FORCES a big dark SHADOW under its cars and baked lighting. Poem written by random15
Shellcase  +   502d ago
Is this video compressed? Because this doesn't look good to me...
Maxor  +   501d ago
Amazon shipped me mine today for god knows why. Now I have a shrink wrapped copy of KZ: SF and no PS4 to play with. Who came up with this release date?
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Locknuts  +   501d ago
Shooting through walls seems cool. NPCs and animations look a little odd, but I play for the gameplay not the graphics.
nives  +   501d ago
Did you know if you get Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4) at walmart.com you can receive a free $10 gift card. I believe you can still get the gift card here: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do...
Dead_Cell  +   501d ago
The AI looks completely fucking redundant. Pass.
piffyd  +   501d ago
the overall look is nice, but......it is COVERED in jaggies everywhere!

seriously, looks like a whole generation with have terrible anti aliasing again

not buying till these things are dirt cheap

the sad thing is the xbox1 is even weaker
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Tzuno  +   501d ago
1440p??? do you realize that over 1080p is computer to render that kind of resolution.
SirDjss  +   501d ago
Looks good, but it cant have more then 24-30 fps. Laggy as hell.
purp13m0nk3y  +   501d ago
I think that's probably more the video quality. SP is said to be pushing close to 60fps sometimes and normally hovers around the 45fps mark.

Initially developers were targeting 60fps MP and 30fps SP. Last I heard SP had eclipsed the initial target of 30fps and they were hoping for closer to 60fps (not not locked, dynamic so dips here and there like BF4 SP) for final release code.

Guess we'll see in a day or two. Fingers crossed SP is smooth. Even v-sync 30-45fps would be gorgeous to behold
NateCole  +   501d ago
Shit i just watched acpart of it. 2 more days!!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   501d ago
Looks great

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