Bid on the Rarest Nintendo Game of All Time

"The North American, or NTSC, version of Stadium Events is universally accepted as the rarest licensed NES game available in North America. Games just don’t get more rare than this one and it’s going to be a huge bidding war with one lucky gamer being able to place it in their collection. Bid now while you can!" -BootHammer

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kraideral1708d ago

why would anyone want that?

zippycup1708d ago

because its worth a lot now and in the future it will be worth more

Name Last Name1708d ago

It shouldn't be worth anything.

Baylex1708d ago

WHAT?? it shouldn't be worth anything??? Yeah Mona Lisa shouldn't either....
It's a rare game, of corse it's worth a lot of money. It's only natural!

PoSTedUP1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

i think they only made like 400 or 700 of them, they are a very rare collectible. i bought a collection of NES game from my friend a few years back, then i found out about this game and resarching through my games for it was like playing scratch-offs. all losers tho...

M_Adkins1708d ago

All copies of this game were suppose to be destroyed after the event they were made for. Only like 4 made it out. That's the reason for such a high value.

buynit1708d ago

Thanks... I read all that bs in the article thinking at some point i would find out how much, and why is it so rare.. You answered one of them, so why were they supposed to be destroyed?

Was the game even good? Its funny how nintendo still has that family fit focus and does well with it..

XXXL1708d ago

I'll wait for it on the VC