Major Nelson Using Bing on Xbox One

Major Nelson shows everyone how easy it is to use Bing on Xbox One with Kinect

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WeaseL1591d ago

Whats the big clunking noise at the end coming from?

badboy7761591d ago

What does this have to do with gaming??? MY Samsung Phone and TV can do all of this.

XB1_PS41591d ago

And now so can the Xbox One.. Just because your phone can do it, doesn't mean microsoft should just leave this out.

Anarki1591d ago

Ground breaking stuff this! Voice searching is new technology! honestly....

XboxFun1591d ago

"What does this have to do with gaming?"

Hmmm, maybe using Bing to search for GAMES currently on Xbox Live instead of typing it in.
Using BING to search for added content for GAMES on Xbox Live. Using this and having the search engine take you right to the GAMES in question.

Can your Samsung phone or TV take you to all the content found on Xbox Live? No, you say? only an Xbox can actually take you to that content...well now.

Deividas1591d ago

Actually every windows phone and windows 8 laptop/pc can do that with the Xbox live app...Not just your so called Xbox.

Computersaysno1591d ago

Xbox "find better PR"

'Content not found'

Death1591d ago

Not to mention search for help if you are stuck in a game. Maybe search for reviews/previews too. Visit N4G maybe and tell everyone why their console of choice sucks.

Nujabes_1591d ago

1- It has to do with gaming because it is on a gaming console.

2- No one saying it's groundbreaking, you are.

XboxFun1590d ago


LMAO, oh, so you mean all my other MS devices that have integrated Xbox Live can function across all their devices seamlessly and with parity...GO FIGURE!

Sorry, I was under the impression that badboy could do all this with his non MS Samsung phone and non MS TV.

Khajiit861590d ago

Xbox One pop up message on Major Nelsons TV: SupaFlya82 has searched for "free porn"

Major Nelson: "Kinect! Show me SupaFlya82s cam"

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Deividas1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

sorry double post.

Trekster_Gamer1590d ago

Must have been s ps4 powering on

Daves1591d ago

Jeez, how many times does he have to ask?! I got bored after about 5 mins.

devwan1591d ago

Oh the GIFs that will come of this...

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The story is too old to be commented.