Electronic Arts Showcases its PS4/Xbox One Games With Next Gen Sizzle Reel Trailer

Electronic Arts must be feeling the next generation fever like everyone else, as it just released released a new sizzle reel trailer, showcasin its games for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1707d ago

Before video:
Freedom Fighters 2, Freedom Fighters 2,
Freedom Fighters 2.......

After video:

-turns away disappointed-

LoTuZ1707d ago

Of course, dont show any hockey. Pfftt

Skate-AK1707d ago

Dumb. EA is still using PC footage to market next-gen Battlefield 4.

Pandamobile1707d ago

PC IS next-gen Battlefield 4.

Skate-AK1707d ago

I clearly mean next-gen consoles.