PlayStation 4's Backup Options And Audio Setting Options Outlined

Cjcool804 recently became the talk of the internet for possessing a PlayStation 4 ahead of its launch this Friday. Although cjcool804 has stated that he cannot download or log in to his PSN/SEN ID because the system requires an update and that when the update is checked through the console itself, it states that the system already has the latest update. This shows that Sony is yet to greenlight the Day One update numbered 1.50 on the direct access servers.

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805Junior8051707d ago

Nothing special. Can't wait for Thursday night. Who else is going at midnight?

Gore-Content1707d ago

Still two weeks away for me :(

Aceman181707d ago

I would say me also but because my brother is a manager at GameStop and I bought it at his store he'll be bringing mines home with him when he brings his Lol.

I tell you it doesn't hurt to have a relative work at one of these places Lol.

isarai1707d ago

i gotta wait till feb for tax return :(

pheature1707d ago

not me, i am in northern ireland.
i am not really mad at you for making a poor irish man feel so shite. i am mad at you because you are getting it so sooooooon

AirHype1707d ago

F****n lazy a** Target won't pay their d*** employees to open up at midnight! .... S***!

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Lubu1707d ago

I was hoping that when they said back up, they meant backing up the HDD data so you can upgrade it. It only shows backup for your games saves via USB and PS+

hollabox1707d ago

God I love PCM audio, especially through my Polk Monitor 75s, M60s, and M70s speakers.


I have to wait till UPS gets here on friday