Big ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ announcements and new footage coming this week

On Nov. 12, a Konami employee revealed that big Metal Gear Solid V announcements along with a new footage are coming this week.

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u got owned1740d ago

Is it me or or this game is not getting the hype it deserves. I remember the hype that surrounded MGS4 was huge.

-Foxtrot1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

It's a prequel that's why

I'm not saying it's going to be crap, it's going to be great with what we've seen so far, I'm really looking forward to it but it's not like MGS4 where I was counting the days until it's release. It's got to the point where I'd rather hold off on Ground Zeros until it's bundled with MGSV in the far future, maybe in a limited edition or something

It just seems Kojima is pushing it now, I don't think he needed to do another prequel. If he did it should of been for handhelds like Portable Ops and Peace Walker. He's been wanting to get away from MGS for years and this could of been his chance. After his new game he could of always come back and do a new series of games or maybe one set after MGS4 with new characters.

blitz06231740d ago

Something tells me this announcement will be made during the PS4 launch party on Thursday.

Abash1740d ago

I think the hype of new hardware and next gen actually starting is what's overshadowing the hype for MGSV and other games. A few months after we are all settled into the gen, we should start seeing hype that is all about the software and not about system launches anymore

guitarded771740d ago

I'm already beyond hyped for next gen...

Star Wars Battlefront

^^^ Those games alone let me know this (next) gen is gonna be sick.

I think MGSV is getting huge hype. Every time there's a new bit of info, the web goes crazy. Of course Konami aren't marketing it yet... it's still a ways off.

Sevir1740d ago

Its going to be about the Playstation platform exclusive content which is pegged for an announcement... IGN confirmed this as their are promotional posters that says Ground Zero's has Exclusive content on Playstation Platforms.

Thats also why Koji is there to promote the game on PS during the launch of it!

Name Last Name1740d ago

As great as Big Boss is I don't like him as much as I like Solid Snake. MGS4 kept me hyped since day one because it was the last chapter in Solid Snake's life and you couldn't guess how it would end. MGS5 is a prequel and we have a rough idea of what will happen unless they break canon.

supraking9511740d ago

prequel/sequel to the best MGS...Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

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Lord_Sloth1740d ago

Well it's still a ways off anyways. I gotta say though I'm completely psyched! This is 1 of 2 games I'm excited for with next gen, the other being FFXV.

EXVirtual1740d ago

FFXV FTW, you gettin' it on PS4?
OT: I'm looking forward to MGS5 and I'm not even that big of a MGS fan.

Lord_Sloth1739d ago

I'm not getting an XBone so yeah, I'm gettin it on PS4. XXXD

GrandpaSnake1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

i have been hyped for this since they shut down the metal gear online servers about a year ago !

N81740d ago

I love MGS so for me its to far away to get hyped but this will most likely be my first digital game. I know I'm never selling it. I still have my mgs4 from the 60gb fat bundle

linkenski1740d ago

This isn't a culminative story for any of the previous games like MGS4. This one has a new story with plenty of characters we haven't seen before... and it's a prequel.

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1740d ago
Lowsnamebrand1740d ago

That would actually be pretty fun considering they showed the mgsv trailer at ms e3 event

linkenski1740d ago

Holy shit, that would make it the best game ever!

Summons751740d ago

They're not releasing the two hour tutorial chapter separately anymore and MGSV is due out in spring? =D

swishersweets200311740d ago

i'm just curious if a metal gear fan could tell me if this is a prequel or a direct sequel after the events of part 4?

dcj05241740d ago

Prequal. A little bit befor the events of Metal Gear (1987).

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