Here’s PlayStation Plus Free Title Contrast on PS4 in a Two Minute Long High Resolution Video

PlayStation Plus Subscribers that will get a PS4 will also receive Contrast for free starting on November the 15th, and here's how the lovely noir puzzle-platformer looks on Sony’s new console.

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Neonridr1831d ago

Cool, reminds me of an indie PC game made by a bunch of students at DigiPen called Perspective. Similar execution of how the player progresses.

Awesome that it is free too.

cleft51831d ago

Really looking forward to this game. I am glad Drive Club is getting more time to be great and even happier that we are getting this title.

stavrami1831d ago

Now I am not a indie fan in the slightest but this and octodad are a must for me

cleft51831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I think with Sony heavily supporting indie developers like this, what is an indie game is going to change drastically. We are already seeing heads of AAA game studios leave those companies to start up their own indie gaming studio.

I wouldn't be surprised if you started seeing AAA looking games being designed by indie studios. After all, indie really just means independent. So it's not like they have to be companies created out of someone's garage. I think that trend is one of the reasons Sony is backing independent developers so heavily. Personally, I am really looking forward too Transistor.

stavrami1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I agree even if there not AAA I don't mind. I just find them mostly to be games you like to do a couple of hours here and there. I like to do 8-10 hour sessions and get stuck into a game and they just don't do that for me

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