First Xbox Hurdle: Survive The Shark Tank

One lucky Kiwi gamer will be the first in the world to get his or her hands on the new Xbox One console when it launches next week, but until then the next-generation device will be placed under tight security - in a shark tank at Kelly Tarlton's.

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mafiahajeri1741d ago ShowReplies(1)
SaveFerris1741d ago

There are probably a few crazy Kiwi xbox gamers who would 'dive in' to get it early if it was allowed.

HALOisKING1741d ago

i wouldn't mind losing a leg for a xbox one

SaveFerris1741d ago

So long as you still have your arms for Kinect 2.0 right?

ma1asiah1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Lmao yip this crazy Kiwi wouldn't mind a second X1 so if all it took was to jump in a tank with a shark and grab my prize well I would be all in....My wife and children on the other hand might be a little more reluctant to let me do it lol.

Man between V energy drinks giving away an X1 daily for 56 days.

Radio Stations like The Edge running comps for people to attend the VNZMA's (our own music awards) as Xbox NZ VIP guest and plus to go in the draw to win an X1

Buy an LG UHDTV and get an X1 free

Here is another one from EB games

Xbox NZ is going all out to get an Xbox in Kiwi living rooms


captain_slow821741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

whats more strange is why are the sharks swimming away from x1?

im clueless over here :/

wait i may have figured it out dont shoot me on this tho

is it because it smells fishy?

JessiePinkmanYo1741d ago

Between the crazy contests and general craze for both of the consoles in short demand, people are going to die trying to get one